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December 23, 2006

I can’t believe how fast Rowan is growing and changing.. it seems like 5 minutes ago she was saying a few stilted words about drink or tea or eye, nose, ear and now it’s ‘my nose’ or ‘I can’t find it’ or ‘where is it?’ Small changes I know but they make all the difference when you’re trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t entirely speak your language. It’s amazing to see how she can absorb language quicker than anything I’ve ever seen or experienced.

Think back to learning high school French or German – I didn’t always struggle exactly but it was never my strongest point. But Rowan just catches on instantly with most things. She call a plate a bowl and we correct her and then she knows – teach her to count to ten and she got it within a few weeks really, She’s never done colours before but today she learnt pink using this light box we have in about 2 hours – that really got her enthusiastic (really recommend that btw)..

I asked her what she wanted for tea today and her sense of humour is really starting to become obvious – she looked up at the ceiling, said ‘hmmm… cake please mummy’ and then laughed her head off!! 🙂 She knew she couldn’t have cake but she said it to make me laugh – I think that’s just hilarious! 😆

She is starting to say she loves you and that she thinks you’re pretty or that she thinks someone else is pretty. She saw a woman with glasses on while we were out shopping the other day and actually said – ‘lady glasses daddy – pretty!’ She really has all the elements of conversation now bar the joining words (whatever they’re called – it’s along itme since I did GCSE English!!) conjunction something..? 🙄 I dunno 🙂

She’s also picking up telling you how she feels – we were amazed that she was able to tell us a couple of weeks ago that she felt sick – I’m almost ashamed to admit that I thought nothing of it – we made her eat tea and then sent her to bed only for her to throw up everywhere at 4 in the morning – oops! BUT we live and learn – I now know that she is able to tell me she feels sick – seeing as she hasn’t even been sick for 8months (since she was about 18mnths) I think it’s pretty damn impressive that she even remembers what it feels like – let alone to call it sick?! I mean really! It really does pretty much constantly enthrall me that they must just learn everything all the time – from the woman at the shop or your friend or TV – Rowan said to me the other day that I had to pay the lady at the shop – I don’t ever remember saying that to her – I probably did but the point is I didn’t labour it certainly – so I said it once or twice in passing and she stored that away for when it was appropriate..

Having a 4 month old in the house as well as a 2yr old is pretty funny as well – Ella is just realing that there might be something in this rolling over lark – she’s really trying – forver arching her back to try and see what’s behind her – straining to see what Rowan is doing all the time – her little face just lights up whenever Rowan takes an interest in her – kissing her, playing or laughing for her.. Beautiful to watch – and we’re savouring it honestly – I can’t remember being like that with my sister by the time we got to 13 and thereabouts so I’ve made a mental note to enjoy it while it’s happening!! 🙂

Rowan is always trying to revert to babyhood – pretty funny but not unexpected – I’ve seen plenty of kids do it – she suddenly needs to be fed, have sippy cup held for her like milk or similar things.. I’m totally indulging her when the time is right and encouraging her to do ‘big girl’ things too – there’s all the time in the world after all.

She got her big girl bed a couple of weeks ago – truth be told she was ready for it weeks ago but we thought the arrival of a new baby and the disappearance of her cot all in one go might be a bit much for her but it turns out we probably didn’t have to worry about a thing – she’s taken to it like a duck to water – so to speak – and hasn’t had so much of a murmur of disturbed sleep – yet anyway!

Ella will be moving into her room soon – we only have a two bedroom house – so they have to share eventually and I’m not sure how long we can cope having the baby in our room – D feels on edge all night in case he makes any noise and wakes her.. he’s not resting well so give it another month or so and they’ll have to bunk up. I keep meaning to look up tips for how to make that work well…. 🙄

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