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what a lovely day

December 24, 2006

I’ve had such a lovely day today – I’m really enjoying this for a start and in conjunction with flcikr I feel I’ve really found things that I am good at. I feel addicted to sitting on this all day at the moment and finding things to put on it – look for things that interest me, add things to ‘million things’ and just enjoy it in general.

Rowan has been testing from the word go this morning and I’m not sure it has much to do with Xmas. She was awake until pretty late last night jabbering away and fell asleep close to 10pm I think. She woke at 7.30 this morning and has been full on non-stop *all* day. She is right in the phase of attention grabbing where she feels it necessary to repeat and repeat until she feels that she can stop and this doesn’t necessarily seem to have anything to with whether she has managed to attract attention or not. ‘mummy mmummmmeee mmmaaaaarrrrmmmmmmeeeeeeee, mummy, mummy, MUMMY’ – ‘yes Rowan?’


‘um spishal spashal marmite potatoes bowls and dishes’ – ok … 😐 ‘are you hungry?’

‘mummy, mummy, muuuuuummmeeeee, mummeeee…’ and so it continues.. my patience ran thin.. 😐

However, having said all that – she is being absolutely delicious about Christmas and is so excited.. She calls it kimmus and Father Christmas is just Kimmus.. she knows he’s bringing her presents and she wants something pink – how girli… think it would be impossible for me to raise an ungirli girl though seeing as I take an almost palpable sense of pleasure in anything pink, purple, fluffy or remotely related to Dora that I can buy for her 😳 so it’s hardly surprising.

BN has made some mince pies unlike any ‘normal’ mince pies by making the pastry unlike pastry and more like biscuit (as I hate pastry 😛 ) – great for my Christmas eating not so great for my hips… but bah to that.

500g of self raising flour
250g butter crumbled together with
125g golden caster sugar
The zest and juice of 1 lime (to be faffy) 🙂
I egg yolk – mix through
Then added water to make a soft dry dough..

Knead it for 10 minutes and cut shapes etc.

Assemble pies brush with egg wash (ooh swanky) and bake for 30 minutes at 190c –

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