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Pastie DAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

December 27, 2006

Today is pastie day – A BN family tradition stolen by us and reinvented somewhat to make them a little bit tastier. Ever since BN can remember BN-Mum has made pasties on the day after Boxing Day and any left over turkey is finally used up to make them.

Pastie Day
Uncooked Pasties

They are the best pasties that have ever been made and must be consumed as the main food source on at least ONE day over Christmas and they are made as follows:

To make 6 huge pasties:
1kg of turkey mince
freshly ground black pepper
a healthy amount of mixed herbs
1 pack of stuffing of your choice – we use cranberry and chestnut cos it has a christmas feelie
1 small tin of condensed vegetable soup

mix it all up and fold it in a puff pastry type pastie situation crimping the edges etc. and wash with egg and bake for 45mins (from raw) or until golden and cooked through (check that out for yourselves really I think all ovens are different). We cook at about 180c in a fan assisted oven.

Behold - the Pastie!!
Take a private moment and take this somewhere with a fork and a jar of picililli!!! mmmmm.. yummy!!!!!!!

They are great – you must have them with a plateful of pickles and chips and relive your turkey exhaustion from Christmas day 🙂

The reason they have to be huge pasties is because in BN family tradition BNDad, BNMum BN’s big bro, Paul and BN all had competitions to see who could eat the most pasties.. I think the record was only ever two and that’s held by BN to this day 😆


ps you can use minced leftover turkey if you wish as this really *would* be following family tradition 🙂

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