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December 28, 2006

Today has been a weird day really – still at G&G’s but it’s basically like being at home without all the normal things you have at home that make your life easy (a normal microwave, sky television, all your clothes, being able to do washing and dry it in less than 24hrs, being 5minutes walk from town.. etc. etc.)

FG has gone back to work and Rich and MG went to play golf at 8am this morning so me and BN, Pnut and Squiffy were just here alone with no kids programmes to keep Rowan (Pnut) occupied and although that sounds utterly pathetic – aftr the 50th time of trying to explain to a 2yr old that they can’t watch Dora , Its not that I won’t let her watch it it’s just not here {replace Dora with Backyardigans or Fifi} you do just wish that you had your Nick Jnr back!!!

PLUS – need to do child clothes washing etc. but there’s no tumble dryer here so trying to eek out the clothes for the last few days (plus I could really do with my own bed)..

I do sound a touch miserable I know but then that’s probably because I am a bit – not with anything else I hasten to point out – just with the above..

I’m practically longing for the day when I can fit my microwave steriliser in and remove it efficiently without burning myself yet again!

Ho hum .. I’ll go off and drink some more wine..

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