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where am i again…?

January 5, 2007

Home again – thank goodness… … Rowan is starting to pick everything up now so ‘Oh god’ is now ‘goodness me’, and various other swearwords have had to take a back seat to ‘oh dear’, ‘oh silly me’ and the like. I got halfway through typing goodness at the beginning there before I realised I don’t have to do it here… jeez.. 🙄

I’m back on my own sofa getting back into the swing of lounging and making a mental list of stuff (in my head not crazy 🙂 ) that has to be done before I go back to work in 3 weeks time. Find a nursery for Rowan (How do you do that?) Find projects for BN and Rowan to do at home so she doesn’t get bored and take the usual downward spiral into no-someness (quite so often or so promptly as is usual) once I’m not here to help. Get all the washing done – blah blah blah..

I do need to actually write stuff down. I love lists. I can’t function without them. It’s a combination of a hardcore job where you can’t possibly work unless you write stuff down and a crappy memory which means I have to or I wouldn’t even remember to brush my own teeth in the morning let alone Rowan’s.

Mostly I write everything down as soon as I think of it, work my arse off all day and then re-write the same list for the next day minus one point if I’m lucky. But it keeps me happy. I don’t know about BN as most of the jobs I need to get done are things he needs to do but then.. hey… once a manager always a manager. I find it hard to quit being bossy.. it’s been drilled into me from an early age – ask anyone in my family if they ever listen to anyone else and they just night stop talking long enough to answer you.. and I’m not exonerating myself from that either 😆 babble babble

So Ugly Betty plus chocolate fondue – here I am.. at your disposal.. Until tomorrow when I am going to start my list and my diet for 2007. I am going to do the very bravest thing I think and post a photo of me each month on Flickr as I attempt to (yet again) slim down from an 18 to a 12. Done it before … I can do it again… gulp 😮

curse the babies curse the babies curse the babies curse…..

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  1. January 6, 2007 6:17 pm

    Nursery? Walk around till you see one that looks nice and then ask to have a quick look in. Easy peasy. 😕

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