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January 8, 2007

Ok – I didn’t blog last night cos I was finishing the questions for the tutorials that are being given on Tuesday. We were up till 1am which may not sound bad but for the first time in ages Ella woke up at 5.50am for a feed. Great 🙄 We knew she would because she wouldn’t eat her rice last night. But hey.. whatcha gonna do..?

Yesterday I had a cleaning day sort of. I started my list of things and I’m very proud to say I actually got about two things off it. I sorted through all the baby clothes that are already too small and got them ready to show my friend whose little girl is just a couple of months old. Not really sure what to do with them if she doesn’t want them. I may just Oxfam them? I was thinking of ebay but it costs to list and my last thing didn’t sell so it just ended up costing me £5 instead. Great! 🙄

ummmm.. yeah did that and then put loads of other clothes away and got all the washing done from being away. Very productive and then finished the questions off. So… I need to find the energy for another productive day today to get the house clean and sort out the dining room so that family dinners are actually possible – then I’m about halfway through!! YAY!!

Not much went on in the way of learning for Rowan yesterday – I wasn’t really with her for a lot of the day and she had a mammoth nap again (making up for all the energy she used scampering round The Hollies for 2.5 weeks. Ella so very nearly rolled over but didn’t quite have the whole understanding of moving her arm out of the way first!!

SO – I think that’s it – not very interesting and I’m not feeling very writable this morning as I’m still trying to stop my right hand from shaking with tiredness 😆

Rowan has just lost her balance and fallen over whilst doing erm.. nothing! Hilarious how kids kids can fall off the floor just because they’re not concentrating on standing up!! ah sigh.


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