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mmm.. yesterday

January 12, 2007

well.. I didn’t have loads to do yesterday or anything but Ella went to bed at a bizarre 9.30 (and slept till 8 – what’s that about!) and we enjoyed the evening.

Funny Rowan thing happened yesterday – she gathered the mouse from our old computer and a little Dora the Explorer bag and sat at the dining room table doing ’email’ 🙂 So we asked her who she was emailing and it went a bit like this:

daddy: who are you emailing then?
Rowan: email
d: yes but who are you emailing?
R: text
d: ok, who are you emailing sweetie?
R: email
d: yes, but who are you emailing to, Rowan? (Rowan hears two)
R: three?
d: three? (somewhat confused)
R: three four five

I nearly did wet myself I was laughing so much. Bless her.
Ella had her first sit down dinner at the table yesterday (although strictly speaking she didn’t actually eat anything) and joined the rest of the family in the upright world, in a high chair. She looked v cute and was adorably playing with Rowan’s leap-pad while we ate tea.

Ella in her high chair – obviously

Nothing really remarkable happened yesterday to be honest. We did no work, we did nothing constructive with either child and apart from a phonecall from work and lots more cleaning; the dining room actually looks like a dining room again, I think we just lay about!

Although actually – I can give you a review on ‘The Break-up’ with Jennifer Anniston and Vince Vaughan – very very good. I really, really enjoyed it. It was so truly performed and at some points so well done you actually felt like you were intruding in on someone’s living room.
It’s about a couple who break up and then have to live in the same apartment until one of them backs down and moves out. At university I lived with a boyfriend in a shared house (w/ one other couple and a single guy) while we were together and then had to continue living with him after we broke up.
We broke up because I was fed up and he was unfaithful so it was pretty uncomfortable to say the least. There was incidences where I knew he had been back into my room (we had the foresight, thank God, to rent separate rooms), looked through my things, removed posessions he decided were his, or knew were mine but wanted, looked through my underwear drawer if you please (oh yes, he was a freak show).

So watching this film yesterday really made me think about how we behaved back then and how tiring it was. Yes it was very good and I recommend that you watch it. It would hit home to many people I would imagine, not just women either.

Anyway, lounge cleaning today and then bathroom and then hopefully if we actually manage not to dump all posessions from one room somewhere else whilst we live, we ought to be able to stay relatively clean until I go back to work. yeah. right.

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  1. January 13, 2007 12:23 am

    I also liked The Break Up, although I didn’t love the ending. So many people said they didn’t like it. It’s refreshing to find someone else who liked it, too.:)

  2. January 13, 2007 8:26 am

    ah I’m glad – coincidently I then had a domestic argument just like it! 🙂 typical!

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