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Furthermore… in response

January 21, 2007

I just wanted to respond to some comments… I totally agree on the need for fulfillment and also with Allie : “I think it’s easy to say things like ‘why not just adopt?’ if you’re young or inexperienced, or never really wanted children.”

From what I read around on others’ blogs there seems to be a lot of comments from people who
a) don’t have kids or
b) don’t have ’em and don’t even want them

I found a lot of posts from women saying they thought it was completely selfish and a waste of time/money for women who had some ‘bizarre desperate need to produce offspring’. I found it so odd. One even said that any women who were that desperate to have a child should have to have a psych evaluation beforehand because anyone that was *that* desperate *must* have ‘hang ups’.

Because of course it’s not natural for women to want children.

Can I just clarify – I walk the middle of most things. I don’t see it as bizarre that a woman should be desperate to want a family of her ‘own’, nor do I see it unnatural for a woman *not* to want children at all.

I really live by a live and let live policy.

If it doesn’t affect you, then why can’t you just wind your neck in & get on with your own knitting and let others get on with their lives, doing things that are important to them while you *surely* are doing things that are important to you?

Unless of course – you have nothing important to do.. 😉

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  1. January 28, 2007 12:16 am

    “wind your neck in & get on with your own knitting”

    THAT is funny.

    Thanks for your comments at my place. And thanks for saying hi too! I’m trawling through your archives too.

    Your kids are gorgeous. Sure you dont want another? Heh.

  2. January 28, 2007 8:43 am

    ahhhhhhhhhhh ….. maybe one day…. but the reality of zero sleep over the last coupla days has put a bit of a dampener on that 😆

    Thanks for stopping by too 🙂

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