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Days Away… bloggery catch up

January 25, 2007

Have been away for a couple of days at my sister’s to give the girls a chance to play and to spend some time with my sister – as per my one and only NY resolution this year.

Look at me – it’s January and I’m working on a resolution. What. a. showoff! 🙂

Anyway. Girls slept OK considering it was pretty hectic full-on for Rowan from the word go. I was up 6.30am the first day and 5.30am the second but really – staying there is like Christmas for Rowan and it’s a wonder she sleeps at all to be honest. I think really by the end of each day, she just fell unconscious rather than slept.

She was extremely over-excited and I was really proud of her for most of the time with how nicely she was playing and how she tried to join in with everything. She is still a loner really and just pootles about most of the time, mooching and finding things that she likes to do.

Never mind if someone else is playing with it first – she’s used to who dares wins at playschool so you can’t blame her for trying it on with most toys – she’s had her own fair few ripped from her grasp with no responsible parent to chastise the offender – but she’s learning. However, her need for alone play in Rowanish coupled with her gregarious and tactile nature she spasmodically displays she can easily suddenly invade others’ personal space a bit just when they’ve got used to her being off somewhere else out of the way.

She and her 3-week younger cousin Josie are still having trouble settling down with each other but we both think this’ll calm down when Rowan can talk better. She’s a bit frustrated at the moment trying to get understood and is unfortunately resorting to punching, pulling hair, kicking – you name it (when she thinks no one is looking – or actually no… that doesn’t always seem to matter) immediately followed with the obligatory apology.

Josie is able to communicate easily and Rowan is still pigeon English interspersed with Rowanish that she obviously hasn’t realised noone else. can. understand.
Poor girl. She’ll work it out eventually 😆

Ella was a dreamboat and behaved brilliantly … was dutifully held, passed around (deserted by me) looked after and doted on by everyone and managed to stay in a supremely good mood – all despite being in the midst of cutting her second tooth.


Anyway – had a great time with my sister – and learnt a lot about her ( 😉 ha ha) and have come home thoroughly knackered and in need of sleep like never before – but 2lbs lighter!!!

Those stairs obviously do .. do the trick!!!

Off upstairs now to fall unconscious 🙂

Stop taking pictures and just keep up will you?
Rowan – waiting for me to stop taking photos and keep up. We went out for a lovely winter walk and almost got to their local park.. It was great fun and Rowan absolutely loved it.

I have important cooking to do.
Playing on her own, Rowan is in Rowanish. My little word for her planet when she forgets that anyone else exists. Until she wants to feed you the wooden carrot she’s cooked 🙂

Kids are so messy it's unreal!!
How *do* you get the hands off children? *Ella sucks aggressively on baby*
Children all playing nicely together… I decided not to take any photos of Rowan’s random acts of violence toward Josie. 🙂

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  1. January 26, 2007 9:45 am

    Hmmmm… Rowan…. who put all my bead packets into different boxes????????

  2. January 26, 2007 4:50 pm

    she says it was Josie 🙂

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