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Things always look better in the morning.

January 28, 2007

Last night wasn’t so bad in the end. Ella woke up and spent a lot of the evening sleeping on Big’s lap and then I fed her and medicated her about 9.30. She stayed up with us till about midnight I think. I know I got into bed about half midnight.

She managed to sleep through till 6.30 and then woke up very snotty and blocked up so we topped her up with milk and medication; the wonderful Medised of course. Rowan woke up at 8 I let her chatter for a bit while I dozed; I got her at half past and I’ve come down and left Ella and Big in bed together getting some snooze time.

Big is knackered too. He also has the cold and due to his operation on his eyes years ago, whenever he gets a cold he normally gets a really bad sinus infection too with this swollen face (it’s pretty hideous pretty uncomfortable looking bless him 😉 )

Only kidding babe x

So I’m down here with Rowan and it’s chilly and I thought I’d blog about the night so all I’ll have left to talk about later is work.

Well no..

Not exactly – I’m trying to ignore the glaring lights and warning siren that today is my last day before I’m officially back at work and am reduced to seeing my kids for about 2 hours a day 5 days a week.

It’s shit. How do people get through this?


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