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February 1, 2007

Progress everywhere today. Work is just feeling normal now so that’s no big deal really. Ella and Rowan seem to be doing well at home without me. Which let’s face it – is good but you know, girls, miss me a little please… 🙂

Rowan is still so cheeky – she still insists on the ‘no’ response to pretty much everything. She’s getting better and better each day with her sentences and talking – it’s exciting to hear her getting more and more.

When Big picked her up from nursery – he was informed of her progress on the toilet training. It is great they’re starting that for us but then she spent the whole of today in nappies. I’m still not willing to get wee everywhere – I just cannot be arsed with it. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually – I mean … I know that she won’t be in nappies when she’s 5 … but at this stage I’m just gonna put it off as long as possible until I really can’t anymore 🙂

I know Big is with me on this 😆

I’ve read about the proven ‘I can have your baby toilet trained in 32 seconds or your money back’ crap on the internet etc. etc. but – shock – no tips there unless you’re willing to fork out £30 first … and I’m just not that desperate.

Apparently she had one accident the other day and was able to do one on the potty – toilet from now on – I cannot be arsed with potties either … and so I guess when she starts to get comfortable at nursery then we’ll start to have a go here…

So it’s parenting tips week on The Little Nut Tree … any tips on this subject as well..?


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  1. Mrs HoJo permalink
    February 1, 2007 9:47 pm

    Oh goodey you cry, It’s her again ;o)

    My girlie decided when she was fed up of nappies and that was that. There were rushes and accidents, but you can’t train a bladder if it isn’t ready. You have the right idea, while you have a baby in nappies it makes little difference having 2 in nappies and is a hell of a lot better than “my Jimmy is potty trained, he just wets six outfits a day” WTF???? what a waste of time washing clothes. If Rowan is chatty and watches you use the loo she will ask all about it and want to try it. Good let her try it and if she wants nappies again thats fine.

    xAuntie c (snort)

  2. February 2, 2007 10:54 pm

    I’m not a competitive mother either.. all in their own time I think..

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