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End of the first week and Ella had a little surprise for me. What a lovely daughter…

February 2, 2007

So, end of first week. Not so bad. Today was very busy work-wise and I had a little surprise when First Girl came in to see me. 😕

I quite quickly batted that one out of the park.. there’s plenty of time to deal with that..

Ella had a little surprise for us today.. she only woke once at 1.30 this morning and then slept through until 7.30..


I LIKE the child that has decided I deserved one night of sleep at the END of the week of work.. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not ungrateful … but when I was flagging somewhere around Wednesday, would have been good..

Not only this little gem though – Ella decided this evening would be the evening that she would roll over for the first time.

The first thing I was terrified I may miss – I saw all of Rowan’s firsts – and she saved it till I got home. Bless her.

I cried. 🙂

Rowan spent her second session at nursery today and got on really well except she apparently became a little over-exuberant with a plastic hammer and a child’s arm.

Josie may not be surprised to hear this 😉

Anyway – I’m shattered. It’s been an interesting week back and obviously things haven’t been exactly easy. The good news is – I haven’t met anyone new at work yet that I don’t get on with and it looks like we’re gonna have a good year.

Famous last words ….

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  1. Mrs HoJo permalink
    February 3, 2007 12:40 am

    Apparantly the “I don’t believe you” thing is a wind up a blogger on a Thursday thing…why?? I don’t know,

    It is tempting to ask if you believe me, but I shan’t as it isn’t Thursday!


  2. February 3, 2007 10:10 am

    yes, I saw – I went to talk to her.. pretty funny I think..made me laugh 🙂

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