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February 4, 2007

I found dooce’s site today completely by accident – following a few links through, reading blogs – as you do – and scanning around to see if I came across anyone or anything else etc. etc.

I know Heather’s ‘famous‘ for want of a better word for losing her job after writing about work, but I had never thought to actually look for the website. I didn’t even realise that this would be *that* blog (yes yes… I’m not always known for being the quickest hound at the dogs) when I read this post that actually made me gasp.

Yes. Gasp.

It may sound ridiculously OTT but it was the kind of post where the scene setting (the email from the reader), actually made me raise my hand to cover my mouth as I read ahead … aghast …

I know, I know, not the normal words for anyone under the age of 55 – but trust me – read the post and then you’ll know what I mean.

How anyone thinks they ever have the right to contact another and even begin to allow this kind of bullshit drivel to pour onto the keyboard, amazes me.

I blog because I want to. I blog because I can. I blog because I enjoy the thought of my kids being able to view this one day and either be a part of it by writing (as my sister’s do) too or just laugh at the stories from when they were little.

Whatever. The point is …

I don’t want aggression or verbal from people. I can’t begin to think that any blogger is searching for aggressive retorts from readers.. Sure, I love to get responses to what I write. Depending on the post, I’m inviting support, solidarity, reassurance, networking for whatever purpose etc. etc. the list goes on. But not bullying or harassment or verbal abuse.

To re-use an ever popular phrase of mine –

…wind your neck in, get on with your own knitting and find something to do in your own life that doesn’t involve upsetting others.

Rant over 🙂

ps have you noticed that I’ve learnt how to do coloured text?

So. Much. Fun. 🙂

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  1. February 4, 2007 9:12 pm

    Good grief.

    Mind you, it is always refreshing to discover that other people in the blogosphere actually have a life more tedious than my own.

    I mean, fancy thinking that all children are the same. So passe. So very…. catalog… perhaps that is where she got hers. I’ll have a boy models, toilet trained at 2 and ever so slightly cutely messy please 😉

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