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I am still here but I'm like.. crazy busy dude!!

March 3, 2007

There is a post coming.. I feel bad for being away but Thursday was the most manic day ever.


I never want to have a day like that again until at least next week. 🙄

I will tell you all about it tomorrow (or maybe later today if I get the chance..) and Friday I was at out managers annual conference in London..

Good fun I guess but followed by the annual awards and party so I’ve only just got home now… Trains from London to Lincoln aren’t really so fun…

So …. I’m gonna spend some time with the girls and then food shopping (blurgh) and then….. tonight is our first ever babysitter of the non family variety and we. are. going. out!!



Pick yourselves up off the floor and join me in the celebration of friends that are willing to enter the pit of ‘hellish 2 year old and baby’ ….. and babysit. For Free!!!!!

So. I shall be enjoying a night out… hopefully… or I’ll be asleep in a bar somewhere by 10pm… but whichever…

I won’t be here for a while… which is good 🙂

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