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I don’t know thinkin’

March 13, 2007

My funny girl.

BN told me that Rowan had said some funny stuff after this afternoon’s nap.. something about a dolphin..

Dolphin?? Dolphin!?

I didn’t even know she knew the word dolphin!

It had to be a mistake.. she must be trying to say something else and it just sounds like dolphin… surely. Surely?

So, I says to Rowan

When you had a nap this afternoon – did you have any nice dreams?

…de ded humannah humma nah dolphin… growin’ mummy’s tummy!’
she’s still at that stage where she improvises the first few words that she doesn’t know at the beginning of sentences .. If she doesn’t know ’em, they’re not important!!

hmmm a dolphin growing in mummy’s tummy..?



That’s surely one pregnancy I wouldn’t wanna be going through!!

So I said to Rowan..

Why do you think a dolphin was in mummy’s tummy?

ummmmm…. ……………. I don’t know thinkin‘!


I hope that’s not a plan for the future!!

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