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March 14, 2007

You know today is just one of theose days.. I have nothing interesting to say…

I won a sales competition at work today for the zone … Scotland down to Kettering.. Not bad..

Name up in lights..

Well.. email..

Rowan had a strop as soon as I got in and did nothing but have random bursts of tears and weird hyper giggle fits for an hour until she went to bed for her own safety.. šŸ™‚

Ella is teething. I’m sure. Woke an hour after going to bed and was whingy and crying … F.A.B. šŸ™„

Work is going well.. I thought it was too boring to blog about work to be honest. There is a really good story I could tell at the moment but it requires a fair bit of background to be worth reading at all..

I have just been discussing this with a friend who says that anything with background is worth blogging .. so you I will promise some worky ethical and morally questionable activity soon for your reading pleasure šŸ™‚


I tried to get lots of sleep last night and went to bed at 10.30 ish (as Ella had slept straight through from 7 till 6.30 two nights in a row) to sleep in till 6.30.



Ella woke at 11.15pm. 12.15am. Stayed awake for an hour and a half, went back down at 1.40am and then woke at 4.45am. Slept with me till 6.

We are not amused. šŸ˜

SO I could do with some more sleep. But when isn’t that true? šŸ˜†

Lastly, some good news.

It is almost time to blog my Battle of the Bulge Post and I have almost lost a stone now since I started.



Nearly 14lbs off since I started with WW..

So it does work then šŸ˜‰

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  1. March 16, 2007 6:34 am

    Congrats on winning the sales competition….and the losing 14 pounds. I have just started (Monday) trying to lose 15. Bleh.

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