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Erm What…?

April 2, 2007

Erm What…?, originally uploaded by Little Nut Tree.

Little nut rolls.. Hmm Yummy.
Life Shreddies? Shreddies for life?
Why do we wee? Absolutely! It’s so inconvenient!
Something that rhymes with tree… Wee?
Why do killer whales not attack humans… hmmm. Nope. Nothing funny for that one.
Catherine Gee… How come today no one cares if she’s pregnant?!
Witty “about me” sentences. I think someone was writing a CV maybe. You know thje annoying hobbies part of a CV where you get to the end and no matter how old you are or whether you’ve ever played it, you always seem to end up writing badminton.

men eating shit “toilet train” .. This is the one that really worries me. Why did this find my blog? I do not make any men in this blog.. eat shit. Eugh!

Over emotional keep crying. Well OK. I’ll give you that one. It has been mentioned…

Fake payslips for mortgages. I hope this isn’t attached to like a police search! I do wonder how many of these people’s ‘accidental finds’ to the LNT return to read more than once?

Is it possible I have a biologically knowledge challenged, over emotional, weight watching, shreddies eating, financially dishonest people reading my blog?!?

Well .. if there’s one writing it then I suppose anything is possible!!

Although to be fair.. it’s not like I have instructions on here of how to obtain a mortgage under fraudulent circumstances. So if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the wrong place!!


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