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Family Day

April 8, 2007

Good day today – in fact the whole Easter thing has been pretty good. We haven’t lazed around really. We’ve both found the time to get a lie in – which was wonderful and we got the house cleaned up a bit. Tomorrow should involve some measuring up and a trip to B&Q – which lets face it – kinda makes it Easter (none of this religion nonsense) 😆

Also – we’ve managed to fit in holiday with family. The girls came over with Max and we had a really nice time. That sounds really lame but actually it was lovely.

Merry and Joey couldn’t come unfortunately which left a bit of a hole in the day. But the weather was gorgeous .. Lincoln totally behaved itself – there was no foul people hanging around with beer cans – although actually of course, there were – but they kept themselves to themselves and we didn’t have to listen to them. 🙂

We made our way to Lincoln Castle through the Arboretum – had a great run around and when we got to the Castle there was a .. a thing. People dressed up and making things and being all like Robin Hoody… except Robin Hood wasn’t there.. it was a thing.. you know. A thing.

I have no idea what you call these things. They were all camping there – all kids and folk and they were kind of making shields and bags and slippers and capes and bread and stuff… just lots of stuff.

It was good. Really good. Right down to the rolling on the grass verges.. I didn’t actually partake in the rolling down the hills but it did remind me of times when I did.. which was good.


Some photies

Lovely day.

All the Girls - Maddy, Fran, Rowan and Amelie at Lincoln Castle

Camp at Lincoln Castle

The Campy Goodness of the Camp thing.

This is love.

Some Lovin' Between Cousins.. In a good way!

Lock 'em in the dungeon!!

Lock 'em in the Dungeon!!

Co-operation Floury

Oh the Grinding of the Flour!

(We had a mini Rowan moment when she was eventually dragged away from the flour grinding to see the rest of the camp - she was not impressed!!)


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