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OK. Another new beginning

April 9, 2007

Oh well.

The week where I could have lost 4lbs probably has been and gone and I’ve lost nothing.

It was the week where the effects of hormonal contraception desert me – and I seem to flaunt the rules of nature, eat what I like and lose shedloads of flubber blubber.

However.. this week I may have taken that to the extreme. May.

On WW you are allowed 21 points per week.

This week… I stopped counting when I got to 75. And up until yesterday I had actually lost 2lbs!!

I would have been perfectly happy with that – only today those 2lbs seem to have now re-found me and now I’m back where I started last Monday.

And then I get that tremendously annoyed with myself feeling – that if only I had not strayed I would have now been about 4lbs lighter.

Grrr. 🙄

So – the splurge is well and truly over.

I am back on the straight and narrow.

I have still lost a stone so I’m happy with that. Very.

I do however still have at least 3 stone to go.

So, no cartwheels yet!!

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