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Five things that happened today yesterday..

April 16, 2007

I didn’t post yesterday because we’re decorating!

Yes – the rapture – of decorating. I have to point out though, BN is actually doing the decorating while I sit and blog.

Yesterday though.. I helped.


Anyway.. Five things that happened yesterday.

1). We saw a bloke using a motorised polisher to buff his car. I wouldn’t mind but it was a Honda. Sorry – Honda owners… nothing against the car .. or you.. but I do have something to say about Honda owners using a Car Buffer of the motorised variety.

Yes it looked shiny and yes it looked clean. But seriously. A motorised buffer. For a Honda. A Honda!

2). Shopping for decorating requirements at B&Q – Rowan spotted the thing she absolutely MUST own. She had to have it – she had to own it and she had to own one Yes. Yes! You’re so right. It was the Dulux paint colour catalogue.

A must for every 2 and a half year old.

Rowan always insists on walking into the shops now. She likes to walk as much as she can. Walk in. Walk home. Walk wherever she can, wherever she can. And we have debates about having to rest in the pushchair when her walking stride has become more of a walking pigeon step.

The need for rest is not a popular subject as you can imagine. She does not wish to rest and she certainly does not wish to rest in the evil pushchair that restrains her from the wonders of walking.

Yesterday however.. the options were, walk without the Dulux Colour Catalogue or ride in the pushchair with the Dulux Colour Catalogue. The choice was obvious.


She climbed straight in and hugged that catalogue like it was a long lost friend and chose to stay there reading her catalogue rather than walk any of the way home.

Quite frankly? Unheard of.*

*Update – she fell asleep hugging the catalogue today! 😆

3). I was laughing so hard yesterday about something else that instead of saying ‘chopped apple’ .. I repeatedly said ‘chapped opple’ which almost led me to lose control of a certain bodily function known to hound recent mothers!!

How about that for an embarrassing end to a walk home from town?!

4). For sometime now, we’ve been whinging about how bad our brand new pushchair is for leaning over to one side (pulling you right whenever you’re pushing it) and being sluggish when it has both kids in it.
BN knew that it was being made worse by the fact that the tyres were starting to need pumping and decided that when I was in a clothes shop yesterday afternoon, that he would stop and pump them up.

Only. He couldn’t. The pump was this weird ‘new’ pump. It went on to the fixing OK and let all the remaining air out of the tyre but it wouldn’t go back on and allow him to pump them back up.

I came back out of the clothes shop to find him in a not so great mood – trying to work out how to get the back tyre pumped back up. After 15 minutes of both of us trying to figure this out,

BN: ‘This is just shit! Why reinvent the pump? What’s wrong with a normal pump? It’s almost like there’s a bit missing…’

Reach over and flick my light bulb on will you?



He turned it over and looked at the other end of the pump and pulled out..

This is, in fact, the actual pump we were struggling with …

You see that little inner bit..? That was hidden in the inside .. behind that little grey cap.. how annoyingly obvious.


5). I’m sure there was a fifth…


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  1. April 17, 2007 4:52 pm

    snigger 🙂

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