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*rolls eyes heavenward*

April 21, 2007

Rowan tried to take her first excursion under the wheels of a car today.. yes I know.. bad parent alert..

We were walking around town and she decided to rip her hand away from mine and run toward (I think) the double yellow lines. I don’t think she’s seen them close up before and .. as kids do.. she decided to wanted to.. regardless of the dark blue Peugeot 205 coming toward her.

I shouted out her name and yanked her reins back (yes.. reins .. thank God quite frankly) and she fell back on her arse.

I am proud to say I didn’t lose it with her.. there was no shouting or screaming.. just a very firm down to her level to never do it again and (re)explained why we have to hold hands.

Very scary 😥

She has basically had a bit of an off day. She is up and down some days.. sweetness and light followed by evil personified 😈 followed by sweetness and light.. it goes on.

Some days she is just sweetness alllll the live long day…..

Today.. she was mainly just mischief personified.. with a little bit of evil thrown in.

Grabbing things in the shops, lying down in the entrance to M&S at one point … BN had her reins and told her in no uncertain terms to move.. I cringed as some fucking jumped up jobsworth (because I can’t think of another word) golden bollocks (oh yes I can) of a mother, tutted and sneered at us because she was playing up.

A big F U to all those women who do that to people you know. Just EFF OFF the lot of you.

It’s hard enough doing all this without people feeling like they can rubber neck at a two year old taking a rest in front of the electric doors at M&S.. she’s just tired OK?! tut. 🙄

But yes.. we didn’t have the easiest day with her. And then.. just to make it that bit worse .. we got served a side order of guilt with tea when she polished of rice and curry in about ten minutes flat (an absolute record for Rowan) and then ate some more of mine.. and we realised that she hadn’t really had any food all day.

So.. no one to blame for the weird behaviour then… other than yours truly.

How can you really neglect to feed your own child really?!?! 🙄

In my defence, she can talk.. and she never actually said she was hungry.. and she did have a hot cross bun at lunch which is what she said she wanted… but still.. probably ought to have thought that she may have needed sustenance at some point in the two hours walking she did round town 🙄

Oh well.. no awards for me this week then? 🙂

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  1. Angela permalink
    April 21, 2007 10:03 pm

    well i once went to put the kids to bed and my son says ‘but we havent had dinner yet’…… i’d completely forgotten to feed them!! some days i think our overworked brains just take a well earned rest!!

  2. April 22, 2007 11:32 am

    ROFL at Rowan. Its like Seb everyday as we remove him from window sills he has climbed on, chase him as he runs off down the wrong isle, attempt to get him not to open every packet in the trolley and attempt to ignore his major screaming fit because I wont let him run up to and lick cars.(yup, my boy be weird!) and then he will have beautiful days when he wants to sit next to me and read and laugh and is soooooooo cute!!!
    As for the jumped up f***wits who sneer, tut and huff I guess they forget they were in fact kids once and/or dont have kids. I try to think how shallow and sad their little lives must be and then pat myself on the back for not punching them in the face
    Tis b****y hard isnt it.

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