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Yet another day passes…

April 26, 2007

… where nothing interesting is happening in my life…

Everything is so yawn! Kids are fine and work is fine and home is fine … I haven’t done anything remarkable with my life this week or for some time really…

Rowan is being gorgeous and cute and funny interspersed with evil and annoying… which is apparently the norm for all 2 year olds… and allegedly it’s just gonna get worse..

Today though she did say something funny.. she was prancing about in her nappy this morning when I was supposed to be leaving for work and insisted on getting dressed so that she could come outside and wave goodbye to me.

As a peace offering for having to leave I promised that I would take her to the shops when I got back because (as usual) she wanted to buy potatoes! 😆

When I got home from work – I honestly didn’t think she’d remember… not that I mind taking her but I just didn’t think she would.

I let her choose the shopping list on the way there and she was coming out with things that she wanted to buy..


Well we don’t need potatoes, what else do you think we need



Pitta bread..



Well – we don’t need milk at the moment really

She rolled her eyes heavenward

Ugh. Typical! she said


We’re now both trying to work out who says that!

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