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American Idol

April 29, 2007

You know I was watching American Idol gives back, the other night. I don’t actually watch American Idol.. I used to really love these programs but after about the 500th one I did get a little bored.

There was Pop Idol, Pop Stars the Rivals then the arrival of the X Factor… then Simon Cowell realised he could make even more money by doing exactly the same thing in America.

Of Course.. Who wouldn’t? Who would settle for 100 Million when they could have 150?

But the other night I was watching the American Idol Gives Back and although I’m a sucker for programs to do with charity for children … this particular one did strike me as particularly grim.

What could be more galling than a load of kids (American or otherwise) that are steps away from their superfluous dreams come true where they stand to make money beyond their wildest ideas and have fame and fortune to boot.. interspersed with orphaned children in Africa, fending for themselves and bringing each other up as they try and attend school and work simultaneously .. where probably their wildest dream come true is not to die of infection, disease or crime any time before their 15th birthday?

It was just grim.


After 5 minutes.. I had to switch channels … I was almost in tears (no shock there!) … A poor young lad.. orphaned at 12 and having to bring up his 8 year old sister since his mum and dad were killed … but hey… at least ‘Tiffany’ / ‘Madonna’ / ‘Jessica Simpson’ wannabe is safe and gets to sing for another week!!!


Sorry. But gross.

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