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Things I don’t want to forget..

May 4, 2007

It occurred to me last night when I was looking at Rowan that the really cool thing about the Little Nut Tree is having this place to look back at all the things I don’t ever want to forget about my girls. Not just about them though.. but also about my life I suppose.

This house, where I live, what was important to me at this time.. my work.. my family.. all these things I don’t want to forget.

It’s amazing when we look back at our life.. or at least when I look back on mine that there are only so few memories that snap out of their own accord..

I have these little photograph snapshots of childhood or school or uni or even the birth of my kids.. where I don’t remember a whole day, as such, but just little pixels of the picture.

I remember the group photo we all took at school on our last day of 5th year before I left for 6th form college at 15. We were all convinced that we would know each other for ever and the truth is I don’t think I’ve spoken to more than two of them since then .. and in fact the last one I saw was probably 10 years ago.

When I think about my childhood.. there are a few things I don’t want to forget.. the day that we saw our great big new house and we ran through the overgrown garden through grasses so big that as three young children, we couldn’t even be seen! The day where my mum went to great lengths to get us to a surprise performance of The Hobbit. I was too young to remember anything of the actual play.. but I remember the cloak and dagger drive around town pretending we were lost so that we could get to the playhouse without her giving away her surprise.. all the time dressed in our best dresses and not knowing why.. well I didn’t know why anyway.

This is exactly the kind of thing I love to do for people and whenever I think about this .. I can’t help but grin with how excited she must have been to see it come off as she planned.

Another time at Christmas where she hid our ‘big’ presents down in the cellar and hid a clue in the Christmas Crackers so that when we pulled one, the joke inside instructed us to go downstairs… funnily.. the only thing I can remember about the presents was that my brother got a bike!! I have no idea what mine was.. but I’m sure it was lovely!

So when I think about this blog I think about all these things that are happening now that I just don’t want to forget..

……..the fact that Rowan says ‘we’re going all ready ‘ome now’ instead of ‘are we going home?’

The fact that she gave me a big kiss as we were walking to nursery this morning and told me that she loved me..

She was scared this morning when a dog yapped at her and I explained that he was just saying hello and she said ‘oh ‘ello dog!! woof woof’ I just loved the fact that she thought she had to talk to him in his own language .. made me giggle..

The fact that when I left her at nursery this morning she wanted to watch me from the window so she could wave goodbye..

That her and Ella now sit in the bath together and laugh wickedly.. both in on some joke that we don’t get. That they are excited to see each other in the morning and that they hug each other like their thick as thieves and absolutely have a sisterly identity that I hope they will have forever.

Then that Ella doesn’t seem to be interested in crawling as much as dragging herself along the floor in a caterpillar like fashion… seems to be working though to be fair!

That we got to sleep in till 7am this morning…!!! And the fact that I am so happy right now with my little family that if ever in the future I wonder how I got to where I am.. I’ll be able to read this journal and remind myself.

I’m hoping a revealing legacy for my daughters..

unless the internet is replaced by something else by then… like brain reading space disks!! 😕 ❗

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  1. May 5, 2007 12:33 pm


    We slept in till 10.30am 🙂 which is why we are late 😆

  2. May 7, 2007 2:08 pm

    Use your blog – take photos! Post them! Yay!

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