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What a whirlwind weekend!

May 7, 2007

Ok — where to start…?

The weekend started off easy peasey.. I took Friday off work (under strict instructions from my boss which is weird in itself.. she thinks I’m working too hard … what kind of boss is this we ask ourselves?) .. I took Rowan to nursery in the morning and for the first time ever, got to pick her up.

The worst pick up ever as she jumped up to see me and banged her head on the fence….!

It was great to see her playing outside though with all the kids and so weird to see her with friends!!

Um… the Friday we went over to Mum & Dad’s and there ensued a weekend of fun, frivolity, drinking and Spiderman!!

Saturday the girls arrived with Merry and Max and we spent the day doing stuff I can’t even remember now… but I’m sure it was good… great to see all the girls.. I took absolutely no photos as our digital camera is still dead and we can’t afford a new one. How pants is that?!?

But I’m sure PoP has some over there..

Then Saturday night we got to go out!! I felt a bit bad as Dad bought enough food to feed an army and I always feel terrible cos I know he buys it all out of such generosity and wants everyone to have something there that they like and no one will be left out… but it never gets eaten and God forbid you’re the person that eats the thing he bought with himself in mind cos then you’re in all sorts of guilt ridden trouble… that’s a whole other story.

Anyway.. we got to go out. It was great. That’s the only trouble with having children in such quick succession is that it sucks the life out of alone time.

Our alone time is an emaciated being with no mind of its own! It doesn’t stick up for itself anymore and it very often stays in its room for weeks at a time!

This was the first time we’d been out for months and it felt really good. Actually, the last time we went out as a couple was the 3rd of March. It’s got so sad I can actually count the dates.. but then the weird thing is – it feels longer than it actually is..? Weird.

Anyway.. Spiderman 3.. how good?! I loved it. Really funny and well worth the watch I thought. It was funny and good effects and well thought out… good acting.. good sets.. characters developing and all that jazz.. an all round goody.

Better than the second I think.. and I really liked that one too in fact.

Saturday morning I also got a lie in which was excellent and really needed. I caught up a bit and managed to sleep until 10am. I know. Don’t faint.

I vaguely recall the days when I slept in till 11 or 12 every Saturday to sleep off the trials of the busy week at work. Recuperate and recharge ready for a weekend of late nights and evenings out. Loved weekends.

Loved weekends out. Loved weekends in. Just loved weekends.

Now weekends are different. They are about seeing more of the girls and seeing family so that they can see more of the girls as well. Spending time with each other where we can.. and now that both the girls are generally sleeping through the night… they are about babysitters!!

Sunday .. we went to Snibston Park in Leicestershire .. never been there before AND I have to say I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed more than anything, playing on the adventure playground with Rowan. She absolutely loved it. She ran about like a lunatic, climbed, swung and slid.. BN and I joined in and had a go on this massive climbing frame and went down the big slide with her which she thought was just hysterical.. She was clearly pleased as punch that we’d done it with her and I really felt a boost and a tremendous closeness to her just being silly in the moment… It will be one of my best ever memories with her.

Have a look

She was travel sick as always .. seriously if anyone has any tips on how to stop kids throwing up in the car.. that would be fab 😕

Then Sunday night.. I rather excellently looked after ALL the children while Merry and Max went out for a drink.. We all stayed up watching High School Musical and then I put all four of them to bed which involved making a magic bed for Josie, tucking everybody in twice, counselling one who missed parents and taking one back to a room to sleep on her own.

I was great and rather a proud moment as Josie and I had a little cuddle and discussed magic beds.. and poo! 😆

So today all the girls left and we came home early afternoon to washing, naps and lots more food. I’m ashamed to say I have put on 5lbs in 4 days. Is that even possible…?!?!?

So yet another week will be about shifting the weight that I have put on over a weekend. Rather daft. I have to find my willpower again. I was doing so well but I seem to have lost the will to be good at weekends which is proving to be some what of a problem. I lose weight all week and then put it straight back on Friday to Monday .. then spend another 5 days getting rid of it all.

SO I fear that in this month’s BOTB, it will be yet another week where nothing actually changes although officially there will have been times where I was slimmer!!


Um.. this evening I will mostly be eating chocolate and drinking beer… hmmm and tonight will be the first night that we sleep as two adults alone in our room since 9th August last year.

Yes.. We have claimed back our bedroom!! Ella has moved into Rowan’s room.. so far… she may yet be back… we’ll keep you posted..


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  1. May 8, 2007 12:50 am

    ooooh! that little vid is so lovely.
    had me laughing all the way through.
    then i watched it again.


  2. 4kidsandadog permalink
    May 8, 2007 9:53 am

    Snibston is very close to me! We love it!
    I used to get travelsick, things like taking regular breaks on the journey, sipping water, keeping a window open. You can get bands from chemists, I have’nt tried them (I’e grown out of it now) but my friend uses them and says that they work for her little boy.
    Your weekend sounds fantastic.

  3. May 9, 2007 5:34 pm

    Hallo! How are you? Been thinking about you a lot lately Pheebs x

    The slide was v funny – watching it back now is weird but it really makes me laugh to see how pleased Rowan was that I did it! So funny..

    Hi – good tip about the travel sickness abnds.. wristbands I take it? I wonder if I could convince Rowan to wear them… getting her to keep a ponytail in is hard enough!!
    Weekend was really good – funnily enough though… am knackered!! 😆

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