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Argh Pants Pants Pants

May 9, 2007


Where do I start?!?!

We moved Ella into Rowan’s room on Monday and that has lasted all of two nights because .. as if there is some entity of infection looking down on us.. the girls have immediately come down with a cough and cold.

Ella has, true to form, instantaneously got a chesty cough and will undoubtedly end up on antibiotics soon enough. She’s having trouble clearing anything out nestling between her nostrils and her brain.. due to babies’ lack of ability to blow their own nose.

Rather large oversight on human development’s part if you ask me.

Babies should really learn how to do this before, say, crawling. Which is infinitely less useful and a hell of a lot more tiresome than learning how to blow ones nose. Particularly seeing as a crawling child is never where you left them, not blowing their nose per se, but smearing bogies on whatever they can get their hands on. Say.. your white curtains.

Anyway. I spent far too large a portion of last night walking backward and forwards to their room collecting Ella and trying to get her back to sleep (without waking up Rowan) and quite frankly I am FAR too tired to even contemplate doing that again tonight.

So, she’s back in our room. And coughing.

Hurrah 🙄

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