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Greer needs…

May 11, 2007

From Merry at ..PoP

Greer needs to send email addresses to the Board of Directors to Peter Tu to get Board Vote to proceed

Mr Greer needs to get in touch with Bush and Blair to tell them to stop lieing to the world! Get this technology out there …… in the public! …

Greer needs to add strength to help in the base defense. …

Greer needs to leave before he gets really embarassed. …

Greer needs swabs from pugs who are suspected to be suffering from the disease

Ms Greer needs to re-think her classic “Any publicity is good publicity” policy before any credibility that she may once have gained in past years vanishes …

Judge Greer needs to be impeached for murder.

And, believe me, the 5’7″ and up club thinks Greer’s editorial was ill-advised. Yet something about the assertion that Greer needs to “make a name for …

I particularly liked this one….


Greer needs to put together a different plan, go international and seek out unusually brave witnesses for a further round of exposures. …

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