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Oh my goodness..

May 16, 2007

Tonight on my way home from work, I called home, as I always do and spoke with BN for a bit and then I always have a quick chat with Rowan.

6 months ago these conversations were not so much that… but more of me just asking questions and Rowan giggling uncontrollably on the other end of the line..

Now..? They’re turning into proper talks. Proper get to know me and you time with my girl.

On the menu tonight? A little boy ‘C’ from nursery.. not sure whether I should say his name.. so I won’t…

Have you had a good day at nursery today?


What did you do? Did you play with C? (I had inside information 🙂 )

Yes I did mummy, C is my friend!

Apparently they had a kiss and a cuddle when she left the garden! A boyfriend!! 😥 🙂

I just think it’s absolutely amazing that she can tell me that someone is her friend.. it’s so cool… she’s moving on in this amazing way.. telling me not to worry when she uses something of mine cos she’s only borrowing it… telling me that I should ‘just’ come home now.. not come home, but just come home…. little English sayings and personal ways in which her language is developing and changing to become ‘family’ English.. she already drops her h’s like Daddy!


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