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This Girl is going into Politics!

May 18, 2007

Going to nursery this morning – we got a cab.. that’s quite usual as the nursery is on the way to one of my biggest business clients and I drop her off on the way.

After we’d been driving for a couple of minutes, Rowan piped up..

What’s man doin’? pointing at the taxi driver…

Well ….. he’s driving the car.

I..I..I’m drivin’ car mummy! she said excitedly..

Well.. no.. you’re a passenger..

She burst out laughing and looked at me like I was a bit slow..

I’m not passenger.. I’m ROWAN!!! πŸ˜† I really laughed and she looked so pleased with herself and her joke!

Two year olds. Intellectually capable of making a joke.. not yet physically capable of eating anything with ketchup without needing to test how said ketchup, feels squidged between her hands and fingers!

Every time.

This is my daughter that very often can’t see the shoe I want her to put on when it’s right in front of her ….. and they do that wide eyed stare around the room as they expect the missing shoe to jump up and say ‘here I am!!!’ with you repeatedly saying.. ‘it’s there behind you….. by your foot…. behind you… no BEHIND you… no there… (and you give up, get up and do it for them before you feel the need to jab your eyes out with Lego. πŸ™‚

So intellectually capable of looking at me and saying ‘yeah’ with a cool cat look when I say ‘do you want to go to bed with no dinner?’ when she’s being naughty .. or some such other threat.. but not yet capable of grasping the concept of blowing her nose without then scrubbing her face with the bogey end of a tissue?!

Intellectually speaking.. she quickly grasped the idea that if something was an ‘accident’ she couldn’t technically be held responsible .. about the time that she realised that if you said pleeeeeaase in a really sweet voice and fluttered your lashes.. it was hard for anyone to say no… and yet….? Not so forward in intelligence that she won’t burst into tears of despair at the end of The Fairies thinking she’ll never see it again. Every day.

Every day. 😐

This girl is such an actress.. You think you can read them like a book.. and most of the time you can… But lately… … … I’m starting to have a hard time telling when she’s telling the truth!! πŸ™„

Two year olds. Gotta love ’em!

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