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Honestly…? No.

May 29, 2007

You know.. I honestly can’t think of anything to say tonight.

It’s been a busy day. Not particularly hard but not particularly easy. I feel quite flat at the moment about work. Not so much dread but just a flat, uneasy feeling about it.

I have to go to my major contract tomorrow morning and let them know that Dippy has left. That won’t go down well I know as she was well liked. There’s a weird feeling at work as two of the girls (my favourite two TBH) have moved upstairs to the new offices. Curly and Snippy. I can’t change her name now .. but she really isn’t snippy.

It’s not the same downstairs without them. They are good fun. Grounding and sensible but effortlessly funny to boot and it’s not been the same without them today.

Just felt like they weren’t there. 😦

So. Work. Yeah. Bit.. a bit.. a bit just nothing really.

I think I’m approaching the brink of my interest in the industry. Understandable maybe when you’ve been doing it for a few years? I think that staff leaving always leaves me feeling a little low as ultimately there’s a feeling of rejection even if you know it is stuff out of your control, she basically left because of me. That’s not a nice feeling whichever way you slice it.

I have a lad working for me now, Gymbo. He’s OK but a bit full of himself. His role has changed since he’s been seconded to me and I see that he’s not totally OK with that today. He also text Mumsy and said he wanted to talk to her about his role at the branch. So now I have to talk to him tomorrow and TBH.. I just can’t be arsed.

I know I have to .. but I’m kind of sick of holding everyones’ hand through their daily life.

It’s a bit YAWN. And it seems to be to me.. that people are never happy anyway so what’s the fucking point in trying? wallbang.gif

Oh God. I’ve just read that through. How much self pity here?

I’m off to bed before I bore myself too. 🙄

And if that’s not enough.. I put on 3lbs over the weekend enjoying myself and have to go through all of that particular 3lbs again. 2 weeks to take off. 3 days to put on.


Life would be much fairer if that was the other way round.  biggrin.gif


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