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Gastroenteritis :(

June 14, 2007

Poor little Ellabum has poorly tummy.

Went up to bed last night and opened our bedroom door only to be greeted with the stench of diarrhoea. Enough is enough now I think. She is obviously poorly so BN had instructions to whisk her off to the doctors this morning.

She had a really gurgly tummy apparently and she was sick a little bit last night too so she’s only allowed to eat plain carbs for the next few days.. she’s not totally impressed with that new rule 🙂

So… Rowan still behaving herself at tea time so far… we have had three really good nights.. less of the stropping over eating anything in general and BN has been cooking her some fish and he’s tried sausage rolls..

She’s doing well … it’s a relief cos she’s been quite a handful..

We’re thinking we might try a new method of discipline… what do you think of a jar full of her favourite treats that she can see … have one of when she’s very good and if she’s naughty .. she sees one of them dropped in a fake bin? (A fake bin cos clearly I’m not actually going to throw away treats cos that would be stupid…. I’m not stupid…  honestly).


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  1. June 16, 2007 9:40 pm

    Poor Ella 😦

    my advice is that do the treat jar if you feel it will work, but most parenting “adviced” warns very firmly against the negative reinforcement thing. Much better (and this is my experience certainly) to just stick with the “what a good girl – pat on the head” type, imho 🙂

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