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July 1, 2007

No blogging last night.. obviously..

We got a babysitter for the evening and we went to the cinema. We saw the Fantastic 4 and it was pretty good.

I’d recommend it for anyone that likes the comic book type of movies. It was no Spiderman 3

but it was a good Spiderman equivalent in standard .. you know what I mean… šŸ™‚

My friend Sara came round – she feels bad as she can’t come to the birthday evening out next week.. so instead she offered to babysit so BN and I could go out and relax..

I would have really liked to see Pirates of the Caribbean

but… in this day and age where you don’t seem to be able to find a film less than three hours long and you can’t find a cinema that starts a film any later than 9pm?!?… that just doesn’t seem to be possible!

Is it just me or 10 years ago when I was at Uni and we used to go and see midnight showings of films after the pub if we didn’t feel like going home?

What is happening to the world? Honestly. šŸ™„

So.. we settled for the 9pm showing of the Silver Surfer as we put the girls down at 8 usually. We booked a cab into town for 8.15 and started the bedtime routine half an hour early.

7.30pm we were upstairs, both bathed, both tired, both being wound up like tightly coiled springs by Sara šŸ™„ and we were ready for bed.

We gave Ella some Medised – she’s been toothy, and although she’s been OK the last few days I’m not ashamed to admit that I was bowing to the almighty powers of the Slumber God that is Medised.

However.. it all backfired. Poor Ella. šŸ˜¦

She feel straight to sleep and we thought we were golden. It was ten minutes till our cab arrived and I was ready, BN was ready and we were sitting down having a chat before we went out. … … suddenly Ella woke up.

She wasn’t crying but just sitting in the corner of her cot very quietly and playing with her bedtime rag teething thing. So we watched her for ten minutes and when we left – we left Sara with loads of instructions not to go to her unless she felt it absolutely necessary.
I was concerned that Ella would flip out if a relative stranger went up to her and that would be worse than letting her cry it out.

So I kept in text contact with them and she let me know that at 9am after whinging but not crying, Ella had finally fallen asleep. She’d been in bed for an hour and a half, crying šŸ˜¦

But I relaxed then and we enjoyed our rare evening out.

We got home and chatted till about midnight with Sara and her boyfriend and after they left I stayed up till about one.

It’s important to mention at this point that I have a very poor and selective sense of smell. Following a couple of operations on nasal polyps, I don’t always have the ability to smell and since I now I have more, if I’m blocked up I couldn’t smell even if I wanted to … last night was one of those nights.

So I went to bed, checked on Ella, she looked fine and I went to sleep. About an hour later I was woken up really suddenly but Ella crying hysterically.

I grabbed her and was trying to calm her down, she was thrashing around and totally flipping out. I grabbed her dummy and laid her down on me and BN mentioned that he thought he could smell poo.

She had a poo in her nappy that must have been there since bedtime. It was totally stuck to her and her bum was so red and raised in bumps. She was so fretful and every time I touched her bum to try and clean her up she was straightening her legs like rods, all the time shaking like a leaf.


In the end BN went and soaked the wipes to try and help. We did the best we could and she settled straight back down and went to sleep until 7.40am ..


Feeling slightly guilty…. she probably would have cried had she not been drugged with Medised. But having had that she was awake enough to know she’d done a poo but relaxed enough in body and mind that she obviously couldn’t summon the will to yell.

I feel horrible about it.

If I’d have been at home – was she doing the type of crying I would have gone in to? Would I have ignored her? Why didn’t I smell anything when I went in our bedroom?

So… ah blah….

Bad mother alert.

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  1. Mrs HoJo permalink
    July 3, 2007 12:04 pm

    Well if being perfect and getting it right everytime are requirements for the job of parent I guess the whole world had better quit, I know i should ;o) we all get it wrong every now and then

    they forgive us so easily coz they are fab kids


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