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What day is it again..?

July 25, 2007

Can’t even think what I have or haven’t written about.. things have been busy…

Hang on… I’m off to see…


Ok.. I’m back..

Well… Rowan had her first bad dream on Sunday night I think it was. She woke up crying at 2am about a dog in her room…!

I thought we were lucky to have made it this far tbh as I’ve read and heard in more than one place that bad dreams are quite common from 2yrs onwards.

She was hard to convince and we had to resettle her about 3 times I think. There was light turning on, duvet shaking, cuddly toy reordering, discussions about where the dog could be and whether or not he could be in her room.

She’s not had the bets experiences with dogs I suppose.

She’s never been bitten or anything like that but there has been a few occasion where perhaps she hasn’t met a dog in the bets of circumstances.. once in a field at a golf club where the owner flatly refused to control it and was allowing it to jump up at me whilst I was holding her.. she was nervous and frightened and the rah rah woman was like ‘he’s only trying to be friendly’ and ‘well she needs to get used to dogs’ and an added side dish of ‘it’s good for her to get used to it’

errrr… YAWN!!!

Actually, no… she doesn’t have to get used to it because

a) we don’t have a dog

b) she’s (was) 10 months old &

c) because I said so

Then there was the MIL’s two dogs or insisted on approaching her when she was v poorly with an ear infection at about 16 months old and they – bless them – were over interested in her when she was clearly unsure… MIL had much the same attitude as above.

V. annoying.

V V V.. annoying. 🙄


So ….. she’s not ever so sure of dogs… we’ve mentioned before that we should try and find someone with a really friendly one that she could see up close but we don’t really know anyone with dogs apart from MIL and she lives a way away from us.

So… the nightmare… there was much convincing to be done and in the end I knocked her out aided restful sleep with Medised and told her in no uncertain terms that enough was enough. Ella was asleep and that she needed to go to sleep as everyone was very tired. I felt terrible as I heard her crying quietly in her room but she drifted off eventually and I fell back to sleep about 4am.

Oh, the Joy. Not.

Monday at work went… well … blurrily! 😆

Monday evening I was absolutely shattered and went to bed about 10.30.. Rowan woke up at 11.15 with the dog dream and BN had to settle her back down as I was just swaying at the side of the bed. Unfortunately she also woke Ella up this time and I had to go and settle her too…

All over very quickly though and then didn’t hear from them until 6am..

Today…? Feeling mmmmmmuch better !!

No dog nightmares last night. No night waking from the shorter one and they slept till 7.05!! You know it’s good when even that extra 5 minutes is worth mentioning!! 😆

The idea I had was to introduce a character of a friendly dog…

Who did I think of? Well Spot the Dog of course.. everyone knows Spot.. easy to get hold of, well known, lots of little stories to get and lots of toys to buy that she can get familiar with and hopefully get the idea that dogs can be friendly…

Sorry… did I say easy to get hold of?

Er… no. That would be a big. fat. no.

The deal was that Rowan understood we would go and buy her a friendly dog that she could cuddle in bed and then he could help her with dreams etc. Sje was very taken with this idea and got very excited about her new friendly dog.


Spot the dog is now a rare find apparently. Only available on ebay. BN had to trawl the streets of Lincoln and visit every single shop that sells toys in order to find out that Spot is just not something you can get anymore.

Rowan became increasingly confused as to why he kept leaving shops without one apparently. That made me laugh. ‘Daddy where is the friendly dog?’ 😆

So.. I have purchased from ebay one rare vintage Spot the Dog Plush Toy for ÂŁ2.99 and it’s winging its merry little way to me as we speak.. let’s hope it’s actually worth it 🙄

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  1. fluttercrafts permalink
    July 25, 2007 10:08 pm

    Poor little one!

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