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Terrible blogger

August 9, 2007

I have turned sporadic!

Not being doing daily catch ups … it’s been pretty busy and I slightly lost the will to post this week. Things have been happening though..

Ella is practically ready to walk any day now. She is getting braver and braver as the days go past. A few tentative steps every now and then throughout the day and pretty soon she’s just gonna get up and walk across the room.

End of the babydom!

I’m not sad though… I love to see them move on. I noticed with Rowan that she was especially stroppy and frustrated in the days before a big change, like crawling, walking, learning to communicate… they get pent up with ‘almost’ and I really feel that you can see their mood relax and their little bodies wind down when they finally grasp the thing they have been striving for.

I’m looking forward to seeing her take that first walk with confidence so that she can chase and annoy that big sister as she was born to do 😆

Rowan has already grasped that this is a milestone we’re waiting for and cheers every time Ella takes a step… unfortunately, this only serves to remind Ella that cheering means clapping and she sits down to clap as well… so funny 🙂

Ella can clap and stand at the same time but I think the shock of the cheering forces her to her backside 🙂

Rowan is practising her drawing and getting better and better each day. She can (with effort) actually make an intended lady look like a lady and apparently this is a good milestone too… so it’s all good 🙂

Rowan's drawing of a Lady and a Man!

Rowan’s drawing of a man and a lady!!

Bad parenting: got up this morning (after being up and down with Ella since 3.45am I’d like to add!!) giving in to the whinging Ella and decided that I’d dump her in Rowan’s room and let them play for a bit whilst we stayed in bed and er.. had a cuddle 🙂 . I had been to the bathroom to fetch neurofen for Ella and Rowan had called out to me. I told her that it was still night time (at 6.30am this could be construed as misleading…) and that she needed to rest some more.

So eventually giving in to Ella’s whinging, I took her to Rowan’s room for them to play.. the stench of vomit was really pretty apparent as I opened the door. Rowan has clearly slept in vomit all night. It’s mostly dry but somewhat sticky… matted hair, sticky sheets… yuk yuk yuk.

Poor child.

She called me before and I told her to lie down and rest. 🙄

She slept in vomit. For goodness knows how long. I made her sleep in vomit. Not only that I asked her to lie back down in it and rest when she was trying to tell me it was there. 🙄 🙄

So here I am blogging yet another story of my pathetic parenting… surprisingly upbeat as I have had about 3 hours sleep.

A year today I am getting married and tomorrow my little baby is 1 year old.

Time is flying… but I am having fun …. flying by the seat of my pants 🙂



Update: Ella walked into the lounge from the dining room this afternoon and just walked right across the room to the window… about 8 or 9ft, maybe more… the day before her birthday… 🙂

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  1. carolynhojo permalink
    August 9, 2007 5:06 pm

    Hah been there done that, show me a mum that hasn’t, unless they are co-sleeping.

    She won’t hold it against you ;o)


  2. Mrs Hojo permalink
    August 9, 2007 5:06 pm

    Hah been there done that, show me a mum that hasn’t, unless they are co-sleeping.

    She won’t hold it against you ;o)


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