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Dear Ella

August 11, 2007

Dear Ella

I am writing this at just past midnight on the evening of your first birthday. I wanted to tell you about all the things we have done today and I wanted a chance to tell you how much I love you …. before you are even old enough to understand what that means really…

I can’t believe it’s gone so fast and I can’t believe that you are already at the end of your first year! This time last year, I was the happiest mummy in the world, looking down at you for the whole night.. in the hospital, just you and me. You and me against the world.

That’s what me and daddy say all the time.

I just stared at you all night. My beautiful little girl. Daddy left us about 2 in the morning I think.. parts of it seem so hazy now and some of it still so clear. We just cuddled all night and you were just at ease – totally relaxed – lying in my arms…asleep.. looking beautiful… being you already.

I knew that your big sister was going to be so excited to see you. Rowan was still too little to really know what was going on beforehand but when she got back from Granny and Grampty’s two days later and saw you on the sofa.. all bundled up and fast asleep…. you could tell she was just overjoyed.

All her Christmases come at once.

Utter love. Instantly. And so proud. I think I can remember her saying… she’s mine isn’t she mummy?…. to me over and over that afternoon.

We had a lovely day today for your birthday. Rowan went to nursery and me and Daddy spent the morning with you.. took you shopping… bought a special tea.. took you to the park

Stealing my glasses!

… had a little picnic… watched you practising your walking…

Practising walking!

You opened your first presents today…..

Happy Birthday Ella

…. and you didn’t really get it but you were visibly so excited and just thrilled really at the fact that things were being given to you. Kind of makes me think that you understand a lot of the stuff around here is Rowan’s stuff that you get to play with…

Oh my god!! I've wanted one of these... like forever!!!

It's pink and it's crinkly and I do ... what with it exactly?


You got a Fifi doll and a musical octopus from the gang at work.. and yesterday we got you Austin from the Backyardigans… I swear to God.. I thought you were hugging a long lost friend when you got him!! You were so cute.

My bestest friend in the world. Austin love.

Austin Love

Rowan was so excited to help put the candles on your birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to you… She was talking about it the whole time in the kitchen and was so desperate to make you feel special.. and you cried at the singing..!!! Very funny! 😆

10 seconds before the tears!

(Shame your face is weirdly blurry!!)

Daddy and I have had champagne and talked about ‘this time last year..’

Anyway… happy birthday sweetie.. Ella bum… you had a lovely day

Birthday girl x

love you very much

love mummy x

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  1. businessbackwards permalink
    August 14, 2007 1:48 pm

    Happy Birthday again Ella Bum and Mummy Bum.

    Hope pressie arrives asap and is deemed acceptable 🙂

  2. August 14, 2007 10:21 pm

    Thank you!! The pressies were absolutely lovely. Ella is a big fan of the cuddly toy and the duck went down a treat 🙂

    Rowan called you but left a message in the end.. did you get it?

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