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I do seem to be a bit rubbish at the moment

August 21, 2007

Dear Reader…

Apologies for my inconsistency and rubbishness at blogging the last few days. It’s not that I don’t have the time. It’s not that I don’t have the inclination.. nor the lack of subject matter…. I have just… quite simply… been crap.

I had a really relaxing long weekend. I had Friday and Monday off.. went into work on Friday morning and went into work on Monday afternoon 🙄

We did however, go to the folks and spend some lovely quality time with them. We did wine drinking and quiz taking.. some online quizzes which were really good fun.

We came back Sunday evening and Charlotte was visiting for a night from Exeter. We tucked into Chinese takeaway and crisps and wine and I really feel that I am on a fast road called spiral staircase to Fat fat fat!

Need to reign that in and get back on track. Am trying to remember that I am aiming for my wedding and try to remember that I want to nice and slim for that.

Back to work today and that has been interesting. I had to go into work yesterday to sort out some issues. I have to be careful about discussing this now as I know I have some work readers… hello there…. you sneaky lot… the power of facebook eh? tut. 🙄

Rowan is really an excellent artist and has been demonstrating her skills today with pictures of me, aeroplanes, cars, pigs, bikes. I’ll post some tomorrow. Ella is really funny and definitely coming into her own. She is hilarious. (Which, incidently, we have taught Rowan to say) She giggles at everything. She’s totally in love with her cuddly toys and runs of if you threaten her with tickles. Seriously can’t believe she’s over a year old.

I am falling down tired. I have fallen asleep on the sofa this evening for about 40 minutes and I have that horrible ‘cold in my bones’ feeling where really you know that the only way you’re going to warm up is that if you have a bath or a shower.

So… really I think the problem is treatable with Migraleve. I do have trouble with these kind of headaches and I think this sick/tired/weird feeling is the beginning of one.

I’m off to bed with my tablets and for some rest.

(clearly I’m not going to bed with tablets…that would be silly. What I meant is I’m taking tablets and then I’m going to bed) 🙂

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