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Girlie catch up…

August 23, 2007

The girls are moving forward amazingly. I am constantly amazed at how fast Rowan moves on every day. The conversational ability is really astonishing. Not really how far she is but how far she comes in the space of say to day life.

Today she told me that she likes Ella’s new top with stripey sleeves and that she wants a top with stripey sleeves for her birthday. I asked her if she’d told Daddy that today and she said she didn’t. You tell him, she said. It can be a surprise.

The fact that she has obviously attributed the word surprise to a few more things than is strictly correct is adorable but what really amazes me is the level of conversation.

I’m sure BN would love the ‘surprise’ that Rowan would like a stripey sleeved top for her birthday though. That is the kind of thing that generally gets him jumping for joy πŸ˜‰

But anyway.. I listen to her most days now and she’s telling me about some thing or another and I just find myself staring at her… amazed. Amazed at her language ability.. her comprehension of grammar and the complications of English… foot.. one foot.. two feet… she got the hang of that in about 2 minutes… that’s not easy guys…. I hear twenty year olds get this wrong.

Ella is moving on in the physical way. She is walking everywhere at every opportunity. She is turning on the spot, changing direction, squatting to pick things up and standing again without holding on… just amazing that two weeks ago she couldn’t even stand up without holding on to something.

She’s getting bumps and bruises. This house is small and she and Rowan keep banging into each other.. I remember Merry saying that I would notice how much smaller the house would get when we had two walking around. So right.

I feel sorry for the cheeks that keep getting bumped into the door frames!!

She has her first little words too.. I’ll video some of her so you can see but she holds up things or points to stuff and says ‘dis?’ or ‘dat?’ and you have to repeatedly tell her the name or word of the thing she is holding/pointing at.

So, so cute. Adorable and cute and delicious.

She is a gem. I get such big cuddles from her when I get home from work. Rowan just asks me where her treat is at the moment but Ella is just at that stage where it is treat enough to see *me*.

Wonder how long that will last πŸ™„

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  1. businessbackwards permalink
    August 29, 2007 8:11 pm

    Ah. She is walking. Clever.

    Could be worse, ours have stopped bumping into each other but have started bitching at each other. Great πŸ™„

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