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Hearing your words…

September 9, 2007

From their mouths…

We’re away for the weekend as you know and yesterday evening as I was putting the girls through the bath time bed time routine and close to going into the bath Rowan said she needed a wee.

She’s getting better and better at the whole toilet training thing and we’ve had no significant accidents to speak of yet.

So I plopped her onto the loo and just as she started to go, Ella ran up behind her and was obsessively trying to close the loo seat. I kept using my left arm to keep her back but as my folks have no baby loo seat, I have to hold Rowan on the toilet; she’s petrified of falling in 😆

Ella is also obsessed with trying to drink various cleaning products around the bathroom and I had already had to smack her hand as she had consistently tried to ingest Mr Muscle Bathroom …. obviously my parents don’t live with small children so there’s a certain amount of childproofing needs to be done when you get here. I kind of do it as I go along really.

Rowan had been outraged that I had smacked Ella’s hand and told me I was mean and that I shouldn’t do it.

I carefully explained that I had to teach her that those were dangerous things to play with and that they were for cleaning .. and that if you ate them they would make you very sick. Rowan took all of this in and definitely understood. I asked her questions to make sure that she had taken it all in and then explained that I couldn’t explain that to Ella because she was too little. So I had to smack her hand to make her understand that I was serious about her not doing it.

So…. 5 short minutes later and we have progressed to the toilet scenario. I’ve got Rowan hanging on to my shoulders whilst she tried to see if she has poo in her tummy ❗ oh the things we go through …. and Ella tries for the 1800th time to shove the loo seat on Rowan’s back.. Rowan flinching every time anticipating the pain of contact.

Finally.. Ella catches me unawares and the seat smacks Rowan on the jaw as she turned to see what Ella was doing at the instant that the seat came smacking down.

Tears.. histrionics.. recriminations.. she only did that because you smacked her hand.. uh yeah ok then..

The next time (remember.. try to imagine this whole story has taken place in perhaps 45 seconds) Ella grabs the loo seat again… Rowan screams and shouts “IT”S GONNA HIT ME MUMMY!” and I finally take (more) control and gently push Ella to seating position on the carpet by placing my hand on her chest and telling her “NO!” very firmly…


Bursts into tears and cries… ‘Don’t push her and be mean to her! It’s not nice to do that..& it’s not allowed!!’


3 Comments leave one →
  1. carolynhojo permalink
    September 9, 2007 9:21 pm

    Hehehe doesn’t get much better than that ;o)


  2. Mrs Hojo permalink
    September 9, 2007 9:21 pm

    Hehehe doesn’t get much better than that ;o)


  3. fluttercrafts permalink
    September 9, 2007 10:22 pm

    cute to be protective…even if you want to chuck her out of the room 🙂

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