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Knocked Up..

September 20, 2007

ah ha!!!

Did I get ya??

I just meant we went to the cinema tonight and saw the moooooovie! πŸ˜†

Had a great time. Bam came over to sit for the girls and we went out and ate our bodyweight in chocolate and popcorn.

Always a good way to stay motivated for the wedding dress buying.Β  πŸ™„

On that note.. kind of… have made an appointment to get my Mirena out. But not for knocking up purposes…. I didn’t mean on *that* note.. I meant on the note of fitting into wedding dresses.

I feel this hormone thingy is stopping my body from being normal. I am not being the best behaved person in the world and I’m certainly not sticking to ww 100%.


I am being good. Good enough to lose a 1lb a week I would have thought. And it’s not happening. So I’m getting shot of the hormonal interference and I’m going to see what happens then.

Hopefully – I’ll see some change in that …. otherwise… we’ll just be ruining our sex life for no reason! πŸ™„

I’ll keep you posted.

On the weight loss… not the sex life.

There’s sharing and then there’s *sharing*!! πŸ˜†

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