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Productive weekend..

September 24, 2007

We had an amazingly productive weekend. We brought the schedule forward and Ella spent her first night in Rowan’s room… actually her third night.. because we tried this once before and then ended up taking her back because she started teething and it ruined the whole thing 🙄

So… we had a few jobs on the list and the end target of the finished jobs was going to be buying the bunks for the girls’ room and then moving Ella out of our room and *in* to that one.

We started working at about 10am yesterday.. and we didn’t finish until about 5pm!


We cleared out the wardrobe in Rowan’s room… when we finished her bedroom BN made a walk-in cupboardy type extensiony bit to her bedroom as there is no storage in there. Plus, there’s a corner taken up with the airing cupboard too. The trouble is with this cupboard? It’s massive.

That’s great you say! But no… no it’s not if you are the kind of family that accumulates crap quicker than something that accumulates crap dead quick. (*note.. I paused for like 30 seconds then trying to think of something that accumulates crap quickly… suggestions on a postcard comment please)… The point is… that the cupboard was full of crap. It took us about 2 hours alone just clearing out that cupboard. Old toys, clothes that are too small for either of them (sniff…) and nappies that got grown out of… just tons of stuff. I hate stuff.

2 massive bin bags of stuh..uh..uff. 😛 to stuff.

So we then emptied their chest of drawers (we bought from Ikea when I was preggers with Rowan). Such a nice piece of furniture I think. The plan was that this was coming into our room so that we could get the white chest of drawers in our room emptied.. and then moved into the bathroom.

Paul, BN’s brother moved to NZ about the same time that BN and I got our first house. They very generously offloaded loads of their crap gave us a few bits and pieces. AN old dining room table (that fell apart in the end) an old chest freezer and a little 3 piece set of wooden, painted cuteness. A chest of drawers, a matching chair and cabinet.

We’ve had the chair and the cabinet in the bathroom for a while but the drawers kind of got stuck in our room. (Needed for the TV to sit on top of… ahem)


The picture of our lovely bathroom…

The peaceful bathroom...

The picture from the other angle…. is it bad to have pictures of your toilet in your blog?

Anyway.. blah blah.. the 3 piece set is now in the bathroom and the armchair is in the girls room… the Ella is now in the girl’s room… and the parents..? The parents are free of the crap AND the baby!

ah... the calm and peace...

Our lovely empty bedroom…


The funniest thing was throwing loads of toys down the stairs from the crap cupboard (that’s its new name) and the girls sitting in this array of cuddlies and books and stuff at the bottom. They thought they were all presents…   😆    and were gratefully quiet for the whole day playing and mooching about with things they haven’t seen for a couple of months 🙂
And the best news? This morning they both slept till 7.15 (bless the mornings drawing in) and the even better news? Yesterday they both slept in until 7.50! On a Sunday!


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