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Ho hum.

October 1, 2007

Well… what’s new in the house of Nuts?

Well Ella is starting to venture word attempts… she is thinking about exploring the world of yes…. little whisps of yes are coming our way… she is sniffing about the tree of the affirmative  😆   I desperately desperately desperately want to be here when she says her first word.

I remember when Rowan was that age. She said yes to everything and we thought that was so cute, unti we got sick of yes to everything because obviously there were instances where it just didn’t make sense or remotely indicate the outcome of any given situation. e.g. do you want your tea? Yes. (remains uneaten, poked about, smeared on face).

What a welcome change yes would be to the incessant no’s we still get. Rowan still goes through days where it’s all we can do to get even a slightly different word out of her other than no.

Rowan’s birthday is nearly here. 3 . 13th October. It just seems ridiculous. But then it hardly seems any time since she was 2. I know this year has gone quickly cos I’m already reeling from the fact that Ella is 1 … let alone that Rowan is 3.

She was in a hysterical mood this morning. BN went to get Ella when she woke up but left Rowan in bed. I thought it was a bit mean cos she was awake. He told her it was still nighttime cos he was too asleep to have both of them in with us at once! 😆 naughty!!

Anyway – he went to get her a couple of minutes later and she was just absolutely full of the joys of spring. She went into absolute raptures over a ‘dream’ she’s had.

A birdie had come down and tickled her fingers and her feet and flown about. She’d thought it was pink but it turned out to be black. There was something to do with a butterfly that was also pink.. but actually pink instead of mistakenly pink. The butterfly tickled her and Ella.. she was giggly about it and very excited.

It was an hilarious 5 minutes whilst she rapidly recounted every single detail of the dream she could manage. And when she ran out of dream she just looked about the room and commented on things she could see.

I love it when she does that. ‘blah blah blah chatter dream story etc. and Ella lying down, daddy sitting in the chair and mummy drinking her tea’ 🙂

I wish we could do this in real life.

Managers’ Meeting:- “figures – charts, sell, more, sales figures, budgets and forecasts and cup of coffee on my coaster and those are nice black trousers that you bought shopping the other day and your hair that could have done with a wash this morning…. the man’s bad hairpiece and she ate too many of the complimentary biscuits and still has some on her top lip….. ”

It would be very liberating.


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  1. fluttercrafts permalink
    October 2, 2007 6:07 am

    You are so stinkin cute

  2. businessbackwards permalink
    October 5, 2007 9:40 am

    Ah, we had a similar story from the other week. Must blog it. Hello 🙂

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