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Bleeding ‘eck

October 3, 2007

I had a blood test this morning. I am a bit run down and not losing weight easily so my doctor (the mardy one from the other day) in his infinite wisdom … wanted to do a thyroid function check.

I don’t think it’s my thyroid.

I think it’s the fact that I’m not dieting properly and still expecting it to drop off like it was in the beginning when I was being really good.

Why be all perceptive and ‘tough love’ on me and then renege and offer a blood test for Thyroid function?

Anyway. Not the point. The point was the nurse.

I got there promptly and was called through immediately this morning.

She was very stern. The kind of nurse you would have expected to see at school. The one who would just happen to be on duty the day you tried to pull a sicky for PE. The one who would just happen to have the mother of all sticky yukky medicines for anyone with ‘period pain’ on a wet Wednesday afternoon when you were supposed to be playing hockey with Team Head Whacker from the other side of town.

To teach you a lesson.

I didn’t much like the look of her. 🙂

But then it’s in my nature to be friendly. I kind of have the approach that everyone has a fun loving and genial side. All you have to do is find it. So when she asked me what the test was for… I told her.. and smiled warmly.

‘I don’t personally think it’s thyroid though. I think maybe I have a touch of anaemia’ (pretty common for me – my blood is like a crap magnet. It couldn’t pick up iron if it was paid to do it).

She kind of just looked at me.

No words. Just looked. And judged.

Ok. I thought. OK. Fine. Let’s try a different tack to warm you up at 8.30 in the morning.

‘Oh well.. we’re all doctors I spose’ (meaning.. you know.. everyone has an opinion about their own ailments so to speak… it’s not often you hear an old lady whinging about her sore foot without diagnosing herself with bunions etc. etc.)

‘I’m not.’ She said.

‘Well.. you know what I mean…’

‘I’m sure I don’t’ she said.

‘Oh. OK then.’

She looked at me like she couldn’t quite work out why I wasn’t melting under her death ray stare…. like I was being insolent for not vaporising on the spot.
Well you have a good day then and try not to scare anyone else I said as I backed out of the room… pressing my cotton wool to my inner arm….


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