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Girly Catch up

October 7, 2007

It’s been about a week since we talked about the girls. Not much has happened in that week except that it took until Friday night for us to get a full night’s sleep from the night that we moved Ella into Rowan’s bedroom.


First Rowan got her ear and chest infection she spent a week throwing up in the night and coughing until she was sick… took her to the doctors as soon as she was sick the first time. Mainly because she has been prone to ear infections since she was about 10 months old and they are always accompanied with vomiting.

Rowan vomits? We presume ear infection.

And we would be right. So – she was on the azithromycin stuff but vomited up the first two doses within an hour and a half. By Friday she was still bad so we decided that we wouldn’t risk the weekend and having to make a casualty trip and BN took her back. The doctor said that her ear infection had progressed from mild to painful and told us this interesting fact: Azithromycin has to be in your system for 2 hours minimum. This is because it’s absorbed by the small intestine. It takes that amount of time for it to get to the small intestine and therefore being sick before the 2 hours is up means that it won’t get a chance to work.

I think that’s fairly important information.

So, he prescribed a further 3 doses of it (one dose per day) and we changed the time of day we gave it to her and by Saturday afternoon she was markedly better.


Ella starts showing signs of feeling a little under the weather. By this time we have been up at least once a night for a week. Sorting out vomiting, changing beds, changing pajamas, getting drinks, giving cuddles.. all the while trying desperately not to disturb the baby that you have just moved into the same room. 🙄

Ella started to cough and we came to the obvious conclusion that she had caught the chest infection. Not hard to do. They play together all day obviously and cuddle and give each other snot kisses.

Oh yes… let me digress a little… Rowan’s favourite pass time yesterday morning was to ask Ella for a kiss (she has snot trail nose now she’s clearing this infection) and let Ella’s snot get on her face and then theatrically wipe it off with a swish of an arm and a sleeve and pronounce it ‘yukky and disgusting’….

Somehow never so yukky and disgusting that you shouldn’t do it again. Within 5 minutes.

But anyway.

So, she caught the cough and we went through about 4 or 5 nights wishing that she would get over it. She obviously wasn’t well and I did start to get a little concerned when she started being sick because that’s just not her MO as a child.

Ella isn’t sicky. Never has been.. whereas Rowan spewed up at the slightest suggestion of too much food in her mouth, Ella would just open her mouth and gesture for more…

She was kind of coughing but getting stuck at the end of the cough where you would normally breathe in and either cough again or recover.. and she was kind of wheezing and seeming unable to pull a breath in. She was whingy all day and the coughing was resulting in this pukiness.

Eventually after a particularly rough night on Thursday and thinking that really she wasn’t showing any signs of getting better, actually she was appearing to get worse.. we decided that she should go to the doctor.

She got straight in on Friday morning. Again we though it best to get in there and avoid the late night casualty trips… The doc confirmed that she had an ear, throat and chest infection. Apparently her throat was swollen and looked painful. That’ll be why she wouldn’t eat anything for a week then … and that’ll be why she was being sick for three days. Oh yes.. and that’ll be why she was whinging for the whole week unless completely doped up on painkillers.. continuously.

Poor girl. I felt so bad. She’s has three days of antibiotics now and is very much better. We actually got a full nights sleep on Friday night after only 2 doses.. she was sick earlier in the evening but nothing compared to what it has been. Last night was the same… so hopefully tonight we should be getting back to something nearing normal….

Or did I speak too soon…….?

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  1. fluttercrafts permalink
    October 7, 2007 9:43 pm


  2. October 8, 2007 7:28 am

    It never ends does it – and she’ll pass on the germs to you, you’ll spend a week poorly before passing it back to them.

    And why oh why do casualty trips ALWAYS occur at night? I don’t think I’ve ever taken one of my tribe there during the day when they are sick…


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