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Oh my… the pain

October 19, 2007


I have an ear, throat and kidney infection. It’s not pretty and I can’t say it’s not painful cos it really is.

Had an interesting day at work today. Complaint about a member of my staff from a major client was not a great way to have to start the day.

I am a natural diplomat. I am pretty good at getting people to see the other person’s perspective… getting people to realise there are normally two sides to every story… but when one of your staff accuses a client of breaking the law… it does put your skills to the test somewhat…

arrrrgh.. anyway.

The girls have been simply delightful today. I went to this meeting first thing and took Rowan to nursery.. and today was an easy day. She was genial and easy going. Went straight in. No crying today and no strop. Not to say that she’s not normally.

Hmm.. does that make sense?

What I mean is.. she’s generally as easy going as she isn’t. Some mornings I get the holding on and tears.. don’t go to work mummy and other mornings I get bye mum and not so much as a backward glance.

I don’t really mind either to be honest, it’s just that the latter is quicker… and generally I’m late 🙂

But anyway.. the girls have been great. I left work at 2pm. I saw the doctor at 10 after my meeting from hell and she diagnosed the ear, throat and kidney thing. I do feel shite but I had to go to work and get the figures done and also we had this job that I just coudn’t bare to see going unfilled. So annoying that we haven’t managed it.

But honestly, at 2pm I had to give up. I am in so much pain. I can’t even touch my glands from the outside of my throat without wincing let alone the pain of swallowing. You get all the bravado from painkillers don’t you and then they start to wear off and you realise you’re in agony.

Every 3 hours.. it’s like.. oh yes! Hello throat. Argh… tablets.

When I got home, BN had been to get Rowan from nursery and she was delighted to see me home from work so early. It honestly is making me think about slightly part time hours. Leaving at 2pm every Friday would be great for my girls.

BN told Rowan to look out of the window when he knew I was coming cos she had a special surprise. She saw me and was over the moon … except she couldn’t quite get her head round the fact that I was the surprise… she kept asking me where her special treat was!! 😆

She kept on and started rooting around in my bag. Eventually she found a packet of Ryvita in there and that was fine! Thus followed half an hour of Ryvita and cream cheese which kept her very happy..   🙂

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