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Well I’ve worked something out.

October 25, 2007

The reason I am struggling to write anything of note over the last few days is not because things aren’t happening.

Rowan told Ella that she loved her today.. last night we attended Rowan’s first ever parents’ evening… (good reports all round) … yesterday we told Rowan that pull ups were just for bedtime and that pants were for big girls… no more pull ups in the daytime… she was a bit  like ‘oh-wa …  why?’ .. but she did hop on board with the idea and today she spent the day in pants.. what else is happening? First Girl’s baby turned 1 yesterday.. and took her first steps… um… loads of stuff anyway.

The reason I’m in no fit state to blog is because a) I really have been ill. I am never ill and I very much object to being ill when it finally catches up with me. I have had an ear, throat & kidney infection thing and went on the penecillin to clear that up and within a matter of days.. I now have a cold and sinus infection.

Not too bad you might think except that I have particularly bad nasal polyps. So a sinus infection to me = paaaaaaaain. Head ache, nausea and lots of unbalanced walking + lemsip painkillers and more antibiotics.

Not to mentoin that I have had some sort of reaction to the penecillin and it’s making me queasy and sicky and giving me hot sweats when I take it… yum.


Then add to the mix the fact that I have two members of staff on holiday and that I left the house at 8am this morning and walked through the door at twenty to seven this evening… I am not in the best place I’ve ever been in terms of blogging and entertaining…

Well… that’s not true… I am actually… I just can’t be arsed to type! 😆


Here I am.


*wipes sweaty brow and sniffs a bit for sympathy vote*

Having brought the mood down a bit…  here is a very cute picture of Rowan and my brother’s girlfriend… very lovely picture.

Rowan and aunty e.


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  1. businessbackwards permalink
    October 25, 2007 10:06 pm

    Our brothers girlfriend looks roughly 12 in that picture!
    Distance hugs for illness.

  2. October 26, 2007 9:55 pm

    I know!! She’s not exactly looking her age is she! Lucky cow! 😆

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