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Girly day out

November 17, 2007

Had the most wonderful day today.

It’s BN’s birthday a week on Tuesday and I know that things are so busy at the moment that I planned all week to take Rowan out alone with me so that we could get everything for him.

It’s hard this year. I have no idea what to get him… it’s very hard to buy for him … he’s a stunning artist but I remember years ago he told me that he had already got a bit bored of the fact that everyone used that as a reason to give him ‘art related’ presents. Ornaments of paintbrushes in jars, pencils, paper etc. etc.

So.. thankfully being given that hint very early on in the relationship… I have never made that particular error!! 🙂

So.. that leaves man things… socks, pants, shampoo, shaving foam… all useful things to fall back on for any man in your life. Especially when you have kids and .. let’s face it… we do need pants and socks! It’s only when you get to this age that you realise the gifts of underwear you were given to hand over to parents from the other parent were probably genuinely appreciated.

I always need pants!! I love buying new pants! I especially love new socks.. because honestly… where on earth do one pair of socks know each other for more than one low temp (eco friendly) spin cycle?

It just doesn’t happen…

Obviously I have already recognised and come to terms with the fact that I am quite clearly ageing. You don’t need to point it out to me….

No really.

So then… we went out. I promised her lunch out. I took her to Starbucks.. she ate half a tuna sandwich and a chocolate marshmallow thing on a stick that she dipped into her hot chocolate (along with the tuna sandwich actually… she has the oddest eating preferences)… The girl dunks everything. It’s not even restricted to her own drink. Not out of choice anyway.


Please don’t photograph me while I dunk my tuna sandwich in my hot choccie! They’ll laugh at me!!!

She was as good as gold for 3 hours or more. When we first got into town she said she needed a wee cos she knows the nearest toilet is in the ELC just inside the shopping centre. We went in but I took half a minute to explain to her outside that she wouldn’t be playing with any toys just now as we were going to go and shop for Daddy’s birthday. I told her that if she was a good girl, then I would let her play in the toy shop on the way home.

If she was especially good… she could pick a toy… 🙂 ah, the bribery…

It worked though.

She was excellently behaved for the entire time and walked by my side, no tantrums, no moaning, no shenanigans. Excellent.

She didn’t have a wee (shocking…. I was well aware it was a plot to play with toys) but we exited the shop without so much as a murmur.


Speaking of murmurs… she seems to be picking up most days. Have had a couple of days where I’m still not convinced but on the whole, she seems to be perking up)



Karaoke playing keyboardy thingama-jig

We got back to the house, laden with bags after spending ten minutes in the ELC so she could play with the karaoke and the oven… she was immaculately behaved and I smugged about whilst another parent coped with her yelling toddler.

glee 🙂

I obviously can’t tell you exactly what BN’s presents are cos he reads this but suffice to say she obviously knew what we had because she was there when we bought them… We got home wrapped them all … BN walked back into the room and went over to his wrapped gifts… tapped a couple and Rowan said…. “That one’s shampoo!!!”


Also have to mention minibean today. She pointed to her head and said ‘head’!!

Yay!! 🙂


Ella could be the next brain surgeon!

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  1. carolynhojo permalink
    November 18, 2007 9:16 pm

    I am crap at presents. Really good for kids but adults…nope.

    All good ideas fall out of my head as soon as I know I have to find something good.

    I always ask for ideas.


  2. Mrs Hojo permalink
    November 18, 2007 9:16 pm

    I am crap at presents. Really good for kids but adults…nope.

    All good ideas fall out of my head as soon as I know I have to find something good.

    I always ask for ideas.


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