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So much to catch up on

December 8, 2007

And yet not much to say. This blog is on my mind so much. I am really letting it slip but it’s not out of preference, only out of tiredness and the fact that work is that busy I literally have no.spare.time.


I have loads to catch you up on. So I thought I would do it in installments.


She has entered the very terrible 3 stage and is pretty much constantly horrible with slight glints of normal personality that really don’t stick around long enough to enjoy them.

It’s generally over stupid stuff. She is still incredibly stubborn. No shock seeing as she is the child of me.. stubborn extreme and BN, stubborn extraordinaire.
She will refuse to walk to you when asked even though she can see it’s getting her into trouble. Refuse to eat tea, refuse to tidy, refuse to go to the toilet, refuse to share toys, play nicely, say please, thank you etc. etc. and the list goes on and on.

She has definitely picked up after the health scare (but is milking it somewhat). She is having a follow up paediatric appointment still but I am now happy to believe it was a virus that knocked her off her feet far more than we realised. Well, I say that.. we didn’t even know she had a virus at the time, but you know what I mean.

She and Ella have had constant coughs, colds and chest, ear and teeth problems for the last 3 months. There has literally been one thing after another since we moved them into the same room. That is somewhat wearing. I feel that I am more knackered now than I have been in a long time. A good couple of week of uninterrupted sleep would be fantastic.

Sitting on Rupert's lap.

A little glint of happiness …

Rowan is happy, don’t get me wrong. I sound like I’m just bitching about her but she is happy too. She’s funny and cheeky as per usual. Smart and learning so much it’s amazing. Amazing to me anyway. Every day I hear her say something and I’m stunned by how far her vocabulary has come and by how much she picks up. She sees things every day that just add to her knowledge and understanding of the world. I can’t think of a single example now of course but there has been many. 😆

Uncle (1).jpg

Uncle Rich with 3-4 day old Rowan…

She is growing up so much as well. I know that’s a ridiculous thing to say seeing as she’s only 3, but she is. She is almost 38 months already which has just gone so quickly. I know that you don’t really talk about kids in terms of months at this age but when you say 38 months, you realise how little she still is and how tiny and vulnerable and… well… *new * she still is. I spend so much of my time telling her not to be a baby as she’s 3 now and yet I then see her asleep, looking so tiny and ickle and I’m then totally consumed by how much she is just that. She is just my baby. My little baby that was so skinny she had no arse!! No butt cheeks. Just thigh and then…. back. My little baby that was so tiny BN could hold her in one hand when she was born.

2 days old

2 day old Rowan…


Anyway… she’s changing. The stubborn, headstrong daughter we have shaped and molded and designed is emerging stronger and more headstrong than ever and really… I do have to acknowledge that we have no one to blame but ourselves… 🙂

Nature nurture and all that. There are some traits in her personality where you really would have to be very stubborn not to acknowledge they are a carbon copy of us.

So, Ella.

Ella is just such a cutie at the moment (elements of annoying-ness appearing). She is loving and gentle and kisses and cuddles you constantly. She is so tactile, just as Rowan has always been… but weirdly different in a way that I can’t put my finger on. She is loving, Rowan is loving, they are both touchy feely… they are both cheeky and funny… but I don’t know… Ella seems to feel the need to show you affection whereas when Rowan was a baby maybe it was more reciprocated rather than instigated…? I’m not sure but I’ll ponder it.

Ella is really starting to talk. New words are emerging every day. She now not only says head, but ‘ose’ (nose) eyes, hiiii, baaaa (bye) (both in conjunction with waving hand) … juice, shoes, k (OK), bup (pick me up), meeeee ( in answer to questions such as… who wants to get out of the bath first) meeee! … yes… and she is starting to talk to us….

You can ask her if she’s tired/hungry etc.. and she’ll answer yes.

She is addicted to Peppa Pig (as is Rowan) and Dora. They both love Lazy Town and Wonderpets. She instantly recognises the theme tunes and runs in excitedly when she hears them starting.

Telly addicts.

Telly Addicts…


She still has the somewhat aggressive penchant for banging Rowan on the head with her Avent Juice cup… slightly amusing but it’s a bit unfair to laugh as it really does hurt.. I have been got once! 🙄

She is running around now. Walking is generally a thing of the past if she can run. She is still hugely big although she has slowed down. She’s wearing 18-24 month clothes and is just about to turn 16 months so she’s still tall but not bizarrely so anymore. She is climbing the stairs and BN and Rowan have painstakingly taught her how to get back down them so she’s pretty much running a mock most days! 🙂

I keep finding her ransacking my underwear drawer (rather funny) … come to think of it she does seem to have a love of pants…..


Ella sporting Rowan’s pants!

She is funny and definitely has a quirky little sense of humour… she likes to make you laugh and if she’s not making you laugh, then she’s giving you a cuddle… I imagine this will change in line with the normal progression of children’s personalities as they hit 3, but hey… we’re enjoying it while it lasts!!

I am caught up I think… I have another little conference coming up. I had a fab experience in Debenhams yesterday. We put the girls in nursery for the day so we could take a trip to Nottingham and do some Christmas shopping. We had a great time but I was a bit disappointed to come away with absolutely eff all.


We went everywhere and I tried on quite a few but came away with nowt. Very annoying seeing as the conference is next week and it’s this same, managers blah blah blah in the day, followed by awards, meal and piss up, not necessarily in that order.

Anyway… thought we would try Debenhams in Lincoln when we got back and I was going to settle for the first dress I’d tried a few weeks ago. I went in and picked my size (now a 16 don’t you know)and just as we were selecting it, a girl came up and asked us if we needed any help.

I actually said no in the start.. but she seemed vaguely persistent liek she had nothing else to do… and actually turned out to be a little eccentric delight!

She was called Lyndsey and was a personal shopper. Got my name easily, but couldn’t for the life of her remember BN’s and kept calling him whatever she liked when she’d got it wrong a couple of times… was very funny to hear him being called Jason and Darryl 😆

Anyway… she showed us to her ‘lounge’ and we were given star treatment.. she disappeared whilst I put the dress on we had selected… she whizzed back in with things under and over her arms … she busied about me while BN sat in an armchair … watching and trying not laugh I think.. 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I have come away with a great dress that I don’t think I would have found… a great little jacket to go with it and great new undies to help with everything underneath….! I look lovely and I don’t mind admitting it!!!

I am also going to have a much better time this year and hopefully not get mistaken for pregnant!!!

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  1. December 19, 2007 4:07 am

    such sweet pictures 🙂 hoping for many many sweet subjects for you!

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