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Another conference….another day

December 20, 2007

Well… this year they have decided that the annual conference should be held at the end of the year rather than in March.

A massive improvement I have to say… normally we have it at the end of the first quarter and sit and discuss plans for the year ahead when 3 months of it have already gone by… it has always seemed an odd concept to me to be honest.

So – this year to represent the merger of more of the sister companies into one big group, 3 of the group were invited to one conference and apparently we were the only branch of the group that were intelligently having the end of year conference practically halfway through the following one.

So… what did this mean to me?

Well… basically it meant I had to buy another sodding dress 🙄

Yes I could have worn the one I wore in March…. if I had wanted to look like a sack of potatoes. It’s now 2 dress sizes to big for me. So I ended up going out and spending £200 on a new outfit.

Yes… the shopping was reasonably good fun as we had the Mad Lindsey… Lindsey the Mad… that should be her sales name… she was great.. but no I don’t really have £200 to spend so I have had the genius idea of putting it on eBay.

Unless… is there anyone out there who would like a size 14 floor length black dress?

Picture not video.....

I have picture burst mode on my camera and me and Tet decided to take a few piccies of each other so that we had something to show our other halves… actually for me it was for LNT but she doesn’t know about this. So we were taking bursts of 6 pictures and at the end of Tet’s she pulled her underwear from the crack of beyond and the last photo was her laughing… we decided it should be a theme…


Beauty! ;)


Oh Pants!


So…. the conference itself was very good…. very motivational as always and a little apologetic after a few redundancies this year. The do was good in comparison to March. The food was way better…. smoked salmon for starter and a kind of Christmas dinner… I say kind of because it was about 4 slices of turkey and then 2 brussel sprouts, one carrot, one potato and one sausage wrapped in bacon.

I don’t know about you guys but Christmas dinner where I come from is about 800 calories further south than that and a whole lot better… but it wasn’t tasteless… so I was all happy! 🙂

Pudding however… not really my thing anyway but unfortunately it was Christmas Pudding… which I cannot abide. YUK. BOO!

So I didn’t get any pudding…. pants.

On the plus side however there was free wine and beer (as much as you could drink, No pregnant Catherine Gee but Lenny Henry instead!

And I have to say Lenny Henry was effing hilarious!!

The funniest part of the evening had to be the warm up (3 glasses of wine already drank I have to add… Tet and I singing along to Band of Gold and the camera fell on us… it was hilarious…. unfortunately not something you can get away with when you do it in front of a company you have worked for for 8 years and there was quite a lot of laughing…. at us.

Isn’t it just hideous to hear yourself drunkenly cackling? Ugh… I will get lots of emails about this…. ah well…. 🙄


So then fast forward to today… Rowan is ill with yet another ear infection. Currently fast asleep. Not keeping any food down at the moment. Have been up with her most of the evening. Have given her Midised this afternoon for its anti-cough properties and anti-nausea benefits. It seems to have done the trick and she is currently enjoying a long rest which she definitely deserves.

She is a pretty sickly child and she’s got so good at being sick now (she’s so used to it) that she is sick into a couple of lined carrier bags, aims perfectly and then is ready to be cleaned up and just sits back down like she’s been drawing a picture.

Bless her.

She and Ella both have bronchitis also… so luckily it’s the week before Christmas and you never know – with any luck – they may both be well for the up and coming festivities…..

Or did I speak too soon……….?

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