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The Royal Mail

January 12, 2008

On the way to Nursery this morning and we went in a cab the back way round the streets avoiding the main road.

Suddenly Rowan shouted out ‘Look Mummy it’s the Post Office – I saw the red!!!’

Rowan is amazing at product recall. I can’t think if I’ve mentioned before her ability to recognise the symbol for Vauxhall, Sky… there are others…. So..

I realised that she must have seen the sign for the local Post Office.

‘Yes! That was the Post Office – did you see the red sign post?’

‘Yes it was red with yellow letters! I saw it!’

‘Do you think it would be hard to make a red sign post?’

‘Yes mummy. I think it would be really hard … it would take a man a lot of hours to make a red sign-y post.’


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