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Rowan – a funny..

January 15, 2008

BN took Rowan to the shop on Sunday evening to get some drinks and whatever else it was… we’re trying to remember but we really can’t …

She was wearing her new Peppa Pig tights and was in a spritely mood .. cheeky isn’t the word for her sometimes… πŸ™‚

So they got to the checkout and two of the girls that work there were both there… Rowan knows them both pretty well as they’ve been there for a while … she talks happily to them whenever we go and goes to playgroup with one of their daughters…

Anyway… they got to the checkout and Rowan was chatting, saying hello and wotnot.

One of the girls, Jade, commented that Rowan looked nice and warm wrapped up in her coat and Rowan said

“Yes I am warm! (boring question… seriously… let’s liven it up here) Have you got socks on?” (Much more interesting question to be honest …. I’m not prepared to wait around here and see what you come up with on your own)

Jade said yes she had and Rowan replied

“Are they green?”

“No – they’re black… Have you got socks on?”

“No – I’ve got tights on!” (Are you a bit slow..? Or are you just an idiot… how could you not know I had tights on?)

Reprimanded Jade said — “Oh right – are your tights green?”

and Rowan just looked at her like she was a moron and said “No.. they’re pink!”

BN said it was like – why are you just copying everything I’m asking!?! Think of your own bloody questions or leave me be!!

green tights.jpg


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